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Kids' Hoodies & Tees

Kids' Tees & Hoodies

  • Kids' SUP Wyoming Tee Color:

    Kids' SUP Wyoming Tee

    We recognize Wyoming's fastest growing watersport on our 100% cotton jersey tee.
  • Girl's Bucking Jackalope Tee Color:

    Girl's Bucking Jackalope Tee

    Wyoming's mythical creature pulling a Mustang move on our girl's cotton jersey tee.
  • Kids' Stio Classic Tee Color:

    Kids' Stio Classic Tee

    We've given the Stio logo a classic treatment on this comfy, cotton tee.
  • Kids' Mountain Surf Tee Color:

    Kids' Mountain Surf Tee

    Fine cotton jersey tee featuring local artist Walt Gerald's take on the Snake River’s iconic standing wave.
  • Kids' Bucking Jackalope Tee Color:

    Kids' Bucking Jackalope Tee

    Soft, fine jersey tee with Wyoming’s mythical creature pulling a Mustang move.
  • Kids' Tough Elk Tee Color:

    Kids' Tough Elk Tee

    Local artist Walt Gerald gets rowdy with our favorite Jackson Hole beast.
  • Kids' Adventure Tee Color:

    Kids' Adventure Tee

    All the tools you need for mountain adventure on a soft, cotton jersey blend tee.
  • Kids' Wolf Tee Color:

    Kids' Wolf Tee

    Regular Price: $25.00

    Special Price: $12.50

    Howl at the moon in this soft, cotton jersey tee.
  • Kids' Whitebark Tee Color:

    Kids' Whitebark Tee

    20% of the proceeds from this soft, cotton tee will go towards protection of the Whitebark Pine.
  • Kids' Blockout Zip-Up Hoody Color:

    Kids' Blockout Zip-Up Hoody

    Regular Price: $50.00

    Special Price: $25.00

    Cotton-poly hoody with kangaroo pocket and metal zipper sports our blockout Stio logo.
  • Kids' Tilted Cone Tee Color:

    Kids' Tilted Cone Tee

    Regular Price: $19.00

    Special Price: $9.50

    This organic cotton fine jersey tee features our bold color tilted cone logo.