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Men's Jackets

Men's Jackets

  • Men's Second Light Jacket Color:

    Men's Second Light Jacket

    Built for the athlete that can’t do without his daily run (or ride, walk, hike).
  • Men's CFS Jacket Color:

    Men's CFS Jacket

    Light, quick-drying jacket with stretch mobility for board, boat and beyond.
  • Men's Crester Blazer Color:

    Men's Crester Blazer

    A Stio original - our new summer weight soft shell blazer - a stylish adventure travel companion for the ages.
  • Men's Crester Jacket Color:

    Men's Crester Jacket

    Our super-functional, grab-and-go soft shell fits the bill for any outdoor plan.
  • Men's Stio Wool Jersey Color:

    Men's Stio Wool Jersey

    Our cycling-inspired, 100% Australian Merino wool full zip sweater.
  • Men's Ole Glory Jacket Color:

    Men's Ole Glory Jacket

    A super comfortable four-season, four-way stretch fleece.
  • Men's Hardscrabble Jacket Color:

    Men's Hardscrabble Jacket

    Our signature men’s soft shell, insulated with Primaloft® ONE™.
  • Men's Rounder Blazer Color:

    Men's Rounder Blazer

    Regular Price: $249.00

    Special Price: $80.00

    A mountain wedding, casual Sunday dinner, or around the world travel, this resilient technical blazer covers every base in classic style.
  • Men's Rambler Reversible Jacket Color:

    Men's Rambler Reversible Jacket

    Regular Price: $169.00

    Special Price: $50.00

    An acclaimed best seller that’s twice as nice: mountain flannel or technical wind shell.
  • Men's Modis Jacket Color:

    Men's Modis Jacket

    Regular Price: $155.00

    Special Price: $50.00

    A classic alpine storm jacket with sophisticated design for wherever you are when the clouds roll in.