Ann Driggers

Finance Director for Pitkin County Government, All Around Adventurer


Gilling East, England


Carbondale, CO


  • I have always known I wanted a career in public service.
  • I am very proud I have raised a well-balanced, not too crazy Jack Russell Terrier.
  • I love starting my day with a backcountry dawn patrol, watching the sunrise from a local summit.

Fun Fact

I have a UK Ministry of Defense armored vehicle driving license and I passed my test the first time.

What does “Let The Outside In” mean to you?

The outdoors is a magical place with beauty in every direction. I work hard to incorporate something of nature’s treasures in my life everyday. It is elemental to my existence and when I am outside I immerse myself in it, observing the small and the large, the micro and the macro, seeing and feeling all of the landscape. I let the outside in and bring it home with me.