Becca Bredehoft

Paraglider and Photographer


Hometown: Billings, MT


Current: Jackson, WY

Drawn to the mountains from a young age, Becca now loves soaring high above them. She and her partner, Cade Palmer are paragliding instructors in Jackson Hole during the summer and make their home on the road as adventurers year round. Becca is also a passionate outdoor photographer and enjoys capturing aerial images from her paraglider as well as the simpler moments of life on the road.

Where are your three favorite places to fly?

This is a hard question! One of my favorite things about traveling and flying is the variety, and I love flying in new places and getting an elevated perspective of different landscapes. Jackson Hole, New Zealand, and any random sand dune in the middle of nowhere probably top my list.

As a full time van-lifer, how do you simplify your life and is there a connection between minimizing and flying?

I'd say the biggest key to downsizing for me was to figure out what I really needed, putting more focus on those priorities and cutting out the unnecessary 'stuff' in life. The biggest connection between simplifying and flying is that living in a van allows me to focus on paragliding and other outdoor pursuits instead of trying to maintain a (more traditional) home that I don't spend any time in. I also get to take my home on the road, and therefore am able to follow the weather and opportunities for flying, adventures, and work while still living in relative comfort and stability.

What does Let The Outside In mean to you?

To me, Let The Outside In is synonymous with living the mountain life--being in tune with the environment, working hard so I can play even harder, and maximizing quality time in the outdoors.