Becca Bredehoft

Paraglider, Photographer


Hometown: Billings, MT


Current: Jackson, WY

  • I once drove from Wyoming to Costa Rica (and back!) in a 1998 Astro Van.
  • A couple years ago I started whitewater paddleboarding and this summer I ran all 100 miles of the Middlefork of the Salmon River on my SUP.
  • I've flown a paraglider on every continent except Antarctica (maybe someday!?).
Fun Fact

I have an overwhelming fear of heights when it comes to ladders, tall buildings, cliffs, etc; but I love flying any way I can, whether it’s paragliding, speedflying, flying planes or skydiving.

What does “Let The Outside In” mean to you?

To me, Let The Outside In is synonymous with living the mountain life--being in tune with the environment, working hard so I can play even harder, and maximizing quality time in the outdoors.