Benjamin Alexander

Training to Become Jamaica's First Olympic Alpine Ski Racer


Planet Earth


Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Benjamin Alexander spent the majority of the last decade on the road as an esteemed international DJ, resident for the quintessential Burning Man brand; Robot Heart. After retiring from nightlife in late 2018 his mind shifted to what challenge would motivate and drive the next chapter of his life. Obviously, it would be ski racing at the Olympics, right?

Based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming since October, Benjamin has literally skied every day, 181 days in and counting. Even after the chairs stopped spinning in mid-March, Benjamin shifted his passion into the backcountry and continued skiing with human-powered ascents, climbing the sum total of ten Mount Everests - almost 300,000 vertical feet. Extreme levels of fitness and endurance have been the silver lining of his quarantine period.

In the shortened 2019/2020 season Benjamin was only able to get to six races but was still able to already get his points halfway to those required for Olympic qualification. At this rate, qualification should be well within the trajectory set by Benjamin's performance and achievements thus far.

How did you find skiing?

I found skiing through DJing! I performed at a friend's event at Mica heli ski, Canada, over Christmas 2015. I couldn't ski at the time but it was there and then that I decided I wanted to join the cult! I mean club. My first lesson was two months later while DJing in Whistler.

What does your goal of competing in the 2022 Winter Olympics mean to you?

Achieving the impossible! After ten unhealthy years on the road as an artist I never thought I would ever be a sponsored athlete, and never thought I could get to the world's sporting pinnacle, the Olympics. I hope my insane story motivates others to chase and write their own.

Elaborating on the idea of balance, What does a typical day look like for you?

I practice "macro" balance, meaning my balance is only observed over periods of months, if not, years. I spend incredible amounts of time and effort focused on one project and then practice balance by large breaks or choosing completely different follow up projects. At present my accelerated path from zero to Olympian requires my full attention. I ski the village every day and have coaching on the King three times a week. I throw in a few workouts/hikes to mix it up but my main counter point to skiing is winding down, stretching and listening to a podcast in the tub for an hour a day.