Cade Palmer

Paragliding Instructor and Test Pilot


Boise, ID


Jackson, WY

When he’s not catching thermals around the world, Cade makes his home alongside his partner and fellow ambassador Becca Bredehoft. As a world-renowned paraglider and full-time van lifer, Cade is no stranger to the world of constant exploration and minimalist living.

    Where are your three favorite places to fly?

    • Jackson, WY USA 
    • The Lauterbunnen Valley in the Swiss Alps
    • Wanaka, New Zealand

    What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

    My scariest moment flying was in The Philippines, I messed up and had to abort a launch on top of a big volcanic crater. I slid down the face of the slope toward a cliff hundreds of feet tall and stopped just short of the edge, It is the closest I have come to a serious accident in over 12 years of flying. 

    How do you explain the connection between flying and nature? 

    I never feel so connected to nature as I do when I'm in the air. Flying makes you feel small, the further you get from the planet the smaller you feel, but you get to see and interact with it in a whole new way. You have to read invisible currents over and around mountains and other terrain, you are constantly on the lookout for signs of every type; the sight and sound of wind in the trees, seeing or smelling drifting smoke or dust, a bird circling skyward, or just the feel in your gut of a sudden climb or drop. It demands total focus and most of that focus is understanding your natural surroundings on both a global and very local scale at the same time.

    What does Let The Outside In mean to you?

    To me, ‘Let The Outside In’ means letting Mother Nature into your life, making a commitment to spend time outdoors, and accepting the responsibility of protecting and preserving our wild places for future generations to come.