Charlie Hagen

Outdoor enthusiast, amateur bike-racer and Mechanical Engineer


Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Charlie grew up outside; all the sports, all the adventures. His parents are due credit here, but a not too distant second is Wyoming. He has always enjoyed being challenged, and the art of rising to the occasion. Through his athletic career, cycling was always a cross-training activity, but has more recently spawned a passion for racing. Day-to-day, Charlie is challenged as Mechanical Engineer, where he designs scientific equipment for the high-energy-physics community. Jackson is a special community that has given Charlie many opportunities and he enjoys paying-it-forward as a coach, mentor, tutor and volunteer.

What do you do to create balance in your life?

Dawn-patrols, sunset-chasers and bell-to-bell weekends. There is nothing like crawling into bed Sunday evening knowing you left it all out ‘there’, including the daylight.

What inspiration do you find in the outdoors or what motivates you to get outside?

The outdoors are my inspiration. The solitude, calmness, and heritage associated with crawling amongst the ‘high lonesome’ provides me with a prospective I can find nowhere else. A night’s sleep under the stars can reset 100 without them.

What does Let The Outside In mean to you?

“Let the Outside In” is an embracement of the wilderness within you with that that surrounds you. It is an opportunity to be affected by nature and charge to welcome Her influence.

How can you inspire others to Let The Outside In?

Go outside! Its that easy. Well, maybe go outside and have fun, but to me that’s redundant. It is a playground out “there” and all experiences in life are truly maximized when you share them with others. Get a ‘wild hair,’ grab some buds and go to ‘there’.