Charlie Hagen

Outdoor enthusiast, part-time bike-racer and Mechanical Engineer


Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Charlie grew up outside; all the sports, all the adventures. His parents are due credit here, but a not too distant second is Wyoming. He has always enjoyed being challenged, and the art of rising to the occasion. Through his athletic career, cycling was always a cross-training activity, but has more recently spawned a passion for racing. Day-to-day, Charlie is a Mechanical Engineer, where he designs scientific equipment for the high-energy-physics realm. Jackson is a special community that has given Charlie many opportunities and he enjoys paying-it-forward as a coach, mentor, tutor and volunteer.

Life Motto: There's no such thing as bad weather, just soft people.

Surprising Fact: For all my travels, I have never crossed the equator.

How did you discover your love for cycling, and how do you prioritize it in your life now?

Cycling has always been a part of my life, but in the spring of 2016 it all changed. I registered for the LOTOJA race lottery, and 3-5 years earlier than I thought I got in - now what!?! I managed to hit 2000 + training miles (including a jaunt to the Lander Bar - excellent tap beer), before successfully completing the 200+ mile event. Crossing the finish line in Teton Village, I knew, I was hooked. I wanted to race; I wanted to win.

I started to take it a bit more seriously, bought a new bike (ok, a few new bikes), read a few books and was bestowed great advice from those who had raced. I also started riding my bike more - a lot more. I would ride before work, afterwork, on weekends and holidays. I made a promise to myself that I would not pick a bike over skis, but will admit, there are now days with both.

What's the most unique part about being a mechanical engineer in a small mountain town?

It is not common. Then again living in a small mountain town is not either. Have we entered the chicken/egg paradox? Whose cat is this? Kidding aside, for me I need both. My work is focused and enhanced when I know that the mountains are in my immediate future or having just left them for a productive work day. I find inspiration and clarity with fresh air and open spaces - sometimes enigmas can only be removed with a mountain induced epiphany.

At Stio we believe balance is the key, how do you practice balance in your day to day life?

Dawn-patrols, sunset-chasers and bell-to-bell weekends. There is nothing like crawling into bed Sunday evening knowing you left it all out ‘there’, including the daylight.

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