Dash Longe

Pro Skier & Slope Side Realtor Specialist


Tahoe City, CA


Salt Lake City, UT

A pro-skier & slope slide realtor, Dash has been in his fair share of ski films — and skied his fair share of really deep snow. He’s a twin, a dad, a husband and a professional, and he’s always in search of the next deepest turn.

What are your three most memorable ski days?

  • The day I jumped off Red Dog chair at Squaw into a line after seeing Wolf Man Ryan do it. We skied so much powder at Squaw growing up, but that day was insane.
  • Skiing a line a named Zig Zag at Chatter Creek. For many personal reasons that day sticks out, but the adrenaline rush was like no other.
  • The day we took my daughter, Alden out for the first time on her new tiny skis during on Christmas of 2016 and my youngest daughter, Theron's first day in the pack.

Where are you going to teach your kids to ski? What are you most looking forward to doing with them on skis?

Alta, Snowbird and Sun Valley have been their introduction. Not bad for a 1 and 3 year old! I'm looking forward to taking them to Tahoe and skiing my favorite childhood spots. I can't wait to ski Squaw and Alpine with them. I think about it all the time.

What does Let The Outside In mean to you?

Have you ever felt your endorphins splash off of your soul? Or your adrenaline rip though your heart and into your hands so fast that it feels like your finger nails might pop off? I can't recall ever having that feeling while being inside.

Watch Dash in action in Stones Throw!