Giray Dadali

Freeskier and Engineer


Bristol, New York


Salt Lake City, Utah

Giray would describe himself as a creator; whether it's building jumps, engineering ski bindings, designing and shaping new skis, or editing film projects. Giray started his ski career making movies with his friends and competing in Slopestyle, Halfpipe, and rail competitions. In 2008, he moved to Utah and found a passion for backcountry and freeride skiing. Giray is an engineer for J skis, 4frnt, and started his own company, Daymaker Touring, creating ski touring adapters for your downhill skis.

What does living the mountain life mean to you?

Living the mountain life means finding peace and inspiration. It's crucial for my being to seek this time to assess snowpacks and terrain to find moments of complete flow when skiing a line or airing a jump, and this is found deep in the winter snows of the mountains.

What's one of the best decisions you've ever made?

Moving to Utah when I was 18.

Describe what your perfect day in the outdoors looks like.

Bluebird skis after a storm has cleared, fresh pillows and mini spines to be had all day long!

What's one reason you love working with Stio?

Stio makes quality goods that I can rely on for any weather! I've had so many underperforming or inappropriate clothes for doing my job and passion in the past and it made things so difficult.

Do you have any goals or objectives for the coming year?

I would like to do a substantial amount of snowmobile skiing/filming in the north (Idaho, Wyoming, Montana). Mostly to get on pillow lines and spines to push my skiing in the direction most fun to me!

How do you create balance in your life?

Allowing myself time to get away from the computer/phone and just go skiing. I'm constantly so pressured to talk with people or work between my multiple jobs. Skiing is my balance, and especially time spent deep in the backcountry with friends.

What styles are you most excited about this season, and where will you be taking them?

I really like the Double Charge jacket! It's so warm and waterproof that I don't need to think twice about what to wear underneath. I'll be taking it up with me on all the cold resort days or snowmobiling. I prefer the Raymer Jacket as well for its flexibility and stretch. It's amazingly easy to throw tricks in.

What does Let The Outside In mean to you?

To me, Let The Outside in means to unplug from everything else and go do something fun outside. Whether it's skiing, biking, or climbing. But most of all, to let the unknown and things you slightly fear, in. To scout a new zone for skiing, to give up the comforts of your house and do a 30 mile backpack in a new mountain range. It's easy to become a creature of habit. It's hard to break the mold you created. It's time to let the outside in.

Any other stories, facts, insights or advice you want to share with people?

Coming from the Freeride side of things I enjoy a baggier fit of clothes. I'm 6' 185 lbs and really like the Environ Bib in an XL, and all my jackets 2XL. The Raymer I prefer for park and tricking around the mountain with its amazing flexibility and light weight design. On the wettest of days, I can rely on the Objective series to keep me dry and it also has a bigger fit.