Hannah Barkey

Emergency & Trauma Nurse, Skier


Steamboat Springs, CO


Salt Lake City, UT

Science and medicine have always been passions for Hannah, but it wasn't until she moved to Salt Lake at the age of 18 that she fell in love with skiing. Playing in the mountains quickly became Hannah's primary outlet as she pushed through nursing school, relying heavily on dawn patrols before class to keep her motivated academically. She's now four years in to her nursing career and after working as an Emergency Department Travel Nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic for the past six months, Hannah is looking forward to backcountry and alpine skiing as much as possible this winter while working part time as an Emergency/Trauma and Snowbird Resort Clinic Nurse. She also loves trail running, hiking, mountain biking, and camping in her free time if she can't ski.

Top Adventure Bucket-list Item: Ski a first descent in the Mount Zirkel Wilderness

Pump Up Song: Whip it - DEVO

At Stio we believe balance is the key, how do you practice balance in your day to day life?

My time at work can be very mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting and can leave me feeling drained. While rest is important, spending time outside is just as crucial to my happiness and sanity. The mountains are a cathartic place for me and I have found that the best way to process the incredible and devastating things that I see at work is to find my flow state in the snow or on the trail. 

Can you elaborate on your flow state, how do you tap into it?

Flow state is that feeling of complete focus on the present moment, your mind is absent from all distraction, and body movement comes with ease and precision. Time appears to slow down and nothing else in the world matters. I have accessed my flow state through skiing, trail running, mountain biking, and dancing. There are many ways to experience your flow state, but for me, I've found that fluid movement requiring intense focus pulls me into that therapeutic, meditative state of mind.

Why do you love spending time in the snow?

Growing up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado meant that my life revolved around snow. I was never much of a skier growing up, but I loved playing soccer in the snow. Some of my fondest memories are of shoveling out the goal posts as the snowcat plowed our soccer field or sliding through the snow covered grass to stop a shot. Now I find peace in mountains draped in white. The sound of falling snow is so calming and the euphoric feeling attained when floating through fresh powder on skis is unbeatable.