Hansi Johnson

Advocate & Adventurer


Winona, Minnesota


Thomson, Minnesota


  • I completed the Doug Coombs Extreme Camp on Tele skis in 2000 and wrote a story about it called “One foot in La Grave” for Backcountry Skier Magazine.
  • I helped Duluth, Minnesota develop an initiative to re-brand itself by investing in outdoor recreation, and then worked with the outdoor community to raise 18 million dollars to implement.
  • I’m a dad to a nine-year-old, who has mastered the skills to fly fish, mountain bike and adventure on snow.

Fun Fact

I was born in Northern Italy.

What does “Let The Outside In” mean to you?

It is about how going outside can change your life in constructive ways like health, wellness and mental confidence, but also its about how letting the outside in can positively influence our communities.