Jacqueline Pollard

Freeskier, rafter, and outdoor lover!


Alta, Utah


Alta, Utah

Jacqueline grew up in the small town of Alta, UT chasing her brother, Andrew around the mountain. In 2019 she competed on the Freeskiing World Tour where she won Rookie of the year and finished the tour in 2nd place overall. Growing up and skiing at Alta helped shape her love for the sport and the outdoors more generally.

Favorite Spotify Playlist: The Funk Hunters Detour Drive

Motto: Send Life!

How did growing up in Alta, UT transform your skiing and who you are?

Growing up in Alta lead to skiing not only being a sport but it allowed me to become part of a community. Most days I bump into a friend within the first few runs of being there. Skiing in a community is not only fun but it pushes my skiing as well. My friends know what I am capable of even when I doubt myself. I couldn't be more grateful to grow up in Alta.

What's it like competing on the Freeride World Tour alongside your brother Andrew?

Getting to compete alongside my bother on the Freeride World Tour is pretty lucky. Of course he is still my bother and we still have our silly arguments. However having someone there that always has my back and will encourage me when I need it is pretty amazing. Getting to travel the world with your bother by your side is a pretty unique and wonderful experience and I would not trade it for anything.

What do you do to create balance in your life?

I practice balance in my daily life by listening to myself. This can be taking a moment and doing something for yourself. For me this means taking time to get outside or making time to visit with a friend.

What does Let The Outside In mean to you?

To me, Let The Outside In means allowing the outdoors to be a place of inspiration. Embracing the epic and everyday moments in nature and understanding how to connect with it.

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