Jamie Walter

Ski and Action Sports Photographer


Carrabassett Valley, ME


Northeast Harbor, Maine

Jamie is a photographer, skier, outdoor enthusiast and storyteller. After several years working at Sugarloaf Mountain in Carabassett Valley, Jamie moved on to start a creative production company called Pamola Creative. Now based in Northeast Harbor, Maine, Jamie can be found exploring the outdoors of the New England for both work and play.

​What are your favorite Maine adventures?

My favorite Maine adventure is definitely visiting Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park. The place is truly wild and the mountain is unlike any other on the planet. It doesn’t matter if it’s a quick day hike in the summer, or enduring the 16 mile approach to get there in the winter - I always have a spiritual experience standing in the shadow of Maine’s greatest mountain.

How do you want to change the narrative of outdoor storytelling?

While starting a production company, we really took the time to think about what we want our focus to be and how we want to stand apart when it comes to storytelling. Our goal is to tell the stories of the people, the communities, and the places that make New England special. There’s a reason why east coasters who grow up here end up going on to do great things in the outdoors, whether its breaking records, bagging first ascents, or working for the major brands in the space. In addition, so much attention is given to the biggest and wildest places around the world, but I believe there is so much character and potential here in Maine and the Northeast that deserves recognition.

What does Let The Outside In mean to you?

Let The Outside In has become a constant reminder for me to embrace and cherish the enjoyment I get being in nature. Some of my favorite memories in the last year have happened while adventuring with great company in amazing places around the world. Let The Outside In reminds me to slow down and take a moment to reflect on the beauty around me, and how fortunate I am to be in a place that truly makes me happy.