Jay Burke

Marketing Professional, Event Owner, Ski Guide


Wendell, Idaho


Park City, Utah

Jay has been working as a marketing professional for 30 years, the Point 2 Point mountain bike race is the ultimate side-gig and gives him the opportunity to use his diverse skill-set directing the event. He also guides the Ski Utah Interconnect tour in the winter. He has lived in Park City for over 20 years and loves the summer with it’s unlimited access to miles and miles of trails but has recently started spending time in the Teton Valley of Idaho. In his spare time, you’ll find him riding/racing bikes, skiing, fishing or traveling.

Pump Up Song: The Moose Song - Big Head Todd and the Monsters

What does living the mountain life mean to you?

Spending as much time outside as you possibly can...I feel so fortunate to have lived in Mountain Towns the majority of my life.

What's one of the best decisions you've ever made?

Early 90's, was living in Fresno, California and working ultra full-time for an Advertising Agency...I called a river outfit in Jackson Hole, they hired me for some po-dunk job sight unseen and I packed up my Isuzu Trooper and move to JH. And it is here that I met my eventual wife.

Describe what your perfect day in the outdoors looks like.

My favorite outdoor adventure would be an all-day roll on the MTB...preferably in an area that I've never ridden in prior that would offer old school style trails and route finding. Those are the best days!

What's one reason you love working with Stio?

There are multiple reason, but I love that STIO is rooted in a true mountain town and that the offices still remain there. It shows in the brand. but, I like that STIO is not a volume based brand throwing tons of product out into the marketplace every year. The fact that styles and colorways sell out annually is good thing, and you rarely see a glut of closeout product flooding the discount retailers. Kudos.

Do you have any goals or objectives for the coming year?

Being one of the older ambassadors, my #1 objective is to keep charging and skiing hard this winter. We do have a January trip planned to a hut in the Purcell Mountains of BC at Snow Creek Lodge, which is going to be epic. Additionally, hoping for big snowfall here in the Wasatch which will allow ramping up guided trips.

How do you create balance in your life?

I'm very fortunate to have a good job that gives me flexibility and puts a ton of emphasis on living a quality life. Couple that with the fact that I have trails right out my backdoor and skiing just minutes away...it certainly gives me a leg up life balance. I do make sure that I work on maintaining a healthy body, I feel this is paramount as an aging athlete so I work on mobility and strength maintenance a couple days a week.

What styles (Stio products) are you most excited about this season, and where will you be taking them?

Outerwear is so important and I feel that a lot of folks put all the emphasis there. I feel the key to being comfortable in the mountains is having the base and mid-layers nailed. Therefore, I super pumped about these products. My favorite new STIO product, without question is the new Fremont Stretch Fleece Hoodie (so comfortable, can actually wear it next to the skin). Another new product I can't wait to use on super cold day under my Objective Jacket is the Hooded Skillet Stretch Down. The Basic Power Wool Zip Neck is my go-2 base layer.

What does Let The Outside In mean to you?

I believe individuals embracing being outside, no matter the toy (ski/bike/climb/boat) of choice, usually are always very grounded, happy, humans. So to me, being outside with others, by yourself, on a bike, in a river, or simply sitting on a hillside, fills me up... so I choose to #LetTheOutsideIn.

Any other stories, facts, insights or advice you want to share with people?

Don't stop moving.