Katie Steinberg

Mother, Teacher, and Ultra Runner


Wayland, MA


Jackson, WY

Katie is a long time Jackson local, mom, ultra-runner, teacher, and lover of all adventures. She’s competed in multiple ultra marathons including the Rim to Rim to Rim challenge that took her up and down 10,000 feet, from one rim of the Grand Canyon to another. When she’s not running, she’s a teacher, a local cross country coach, and pursuing family adventures in the mountains.

What are three ways that ultra running is like motherhood?

Motherhood is like ultra running because no matter how prepared you think you are and no matter how much you have trained, you have to expect the unknown, things to go wrong, and to overcome those obstacles with patience and grace.

Rain, snow, or bitter cold, you still get up out of bed every morning and train. In parenthood, no matter how you wake up feeling, you have to give it your best.

They both are worth it, every time.

They both involve a lot of shit, sweat, and tears.

In the end, they both fill me to the brim with happiness, no matter how hard moments are along the way.

How do you explain the importance of running/spending time outside to your students and teams?

In order to be happy healthy individuals, it is important to to find ways to release energy and frustration in order to achieve a sense of calm. Being active in the outdoors does that for me. It makes me feel alive and whole, and puts any worries or stress from work, friends, or home life, into perspective. The harder work gets, the harder I train. It is my meditative movement.

What does Let The Outside In mean to you?

To me, Let The Outside In is a way of life. The beauty and rawness of the outdoors keeps my soul alive. No matter where I am living or how hard I am working, I need to get out everyday into the outdoors and pump some mountain air into my lungs! It is the 4:00AM wake ups to boot pack or run up the mountains for a summit sunrise, that keep me going the rest of my day and makes me a happier, healthier person.