Robert Cocuzzo

Adventure Writer


Boston, MA


Boston, Nantucket, New Hampshire and back


  • Out of college, I spent four months backpacking around South America by myself in hopes of earning my chops as a travel writer.
  • Before I went pro as a writer, I worked as a US Coast Guard-certified fishing captain on the Atlantic.
  • I wrote my first book before I turned thirty, which was a goal I set five years earlier.

Fun Fact

I’ve been bitten by a bat and stung by a scorpion.

What does “Let The Outside In” mean to you?

To me, ‘Let the Outside In’ means taking to the trail on a hike or run after a long day working hard writing at my computer. My mind is able to unravel the spool of thoughts that I have collected throughout the day and focus instead on where each of my steps land. With this moving meditation my thinking streamlines, so the next time I sit down to write, I can hit the ground running.