Rocko Menzyk

Ski Photographer


Edmonds, WA


Salt Lake City, UT

I'm a photographer from Seattle area, now living In Salt Lake City. Combining my two favorite passions, my main focus is ski photography. I've been working with Marketing at Alta Ski Area for 6 years, as well as balancing freelance work. In recent years, I've been expanding my photography niche to a wider variety of subjects, and am only beginning to the dive into the vast photography world.

Pump Up Song: Genius of Love - Tom Tom Club

What does living the mountain life mean to you?

Living the mountain life to me means living life to the fullest. There is nothing more fulfilling and humbling than being surrounded my nature's uncertainties. It makes us stronger, wiser, and happier.

What's one of the best decisions you've ever made?

The best decision I ever made was following my dream. Might be something you hear often, but I can't imagine myself truly happy in life if I didn't believe in what I wanted for myself, and followed it.

Describe what your perfect day in the outdoors looks like.

My perfect day in the outdoors makes my mind wander all over the place. Although the consistent factors in each scenario I think of all involve: friends, my camera, and some beautiful views. Wether it's skiing pow or corn, enjoying a warm summer sunset, or whatever it may be, to me those 3 factors are what will make any day that special one.

What's one reason you love working with Stio?

One reason I love being able to work with Stio is how they handle their growth. While becoming a larger and more well-known company in recent years, while many things are changing and growing, they stand true to their values. Respecting certain individuals as well as most importantly; this world we live in.

Do you have any goals or objectives for the coming year?

My goals for this upcoming year are similar to what it's been recently. That being continuing to grow in the variety of what I shoot, and how I shoot. For me, my photography is in a state where I have figured out what I like, and I'm so excited to work off that in the near future. My main focus this year will be planning more and setting up different shots that than normal.

How do you create balance in your life?

I feel like for the most part I find balance through passion. In short, my photography excites me, and helps me focus on my work, but also gives me the time and leniency to focus on other things that make me happy.

What styles (Stio products) are you most excited about this season, and where will you be taking them?

While the obvious rave is all about the ski outerwear, being comfortable yet techy for those bad weather days, I think I'm mostly excited about the fleece lineup. While it seems I'm mostly in the field, sitting at a desk for hours editing comfortably in fleece this winter is where you can find me.

What does Let The Outside In mean to you?

I think Let The Outside In means to embrace this beautiful world we've been given. Let it effect your life in the most positive way, and try and surround yourself with happiness through it.

Any other stories, facts, insights or advice you want to share with people?

Nada! Unless there's any specific requests.