Sam Schwartz

Professional Skier, Runner


Jackson, WY


Bozeman, MT

Sam was raised in Jackson, Wyoming and still calls the Tetons home today. His upbringing in the mountains taught him how to go big and get after it from an early age, which lead him to a Junior World Freeski Champion title, published photos in various ski magazines, and a title from Freeskier Magazine as the #1 Backflipper in 2016.

What are three ways in which skiing has influenced your life? 

  • Spending time in the mountains allows me to be the most comfortable and truly grow into my own skin. Skiing has given me a direction.
  • It has helped give me a unique view on the world. Spending both dangerous and euphoric moments in the backcountry have given me perspective; I don’t let the little things in daily life get to me.
  • The backcountry has shown me indifference. Nature and the mountains do not care about the well being of the humans. They have shown me how short life is and how important it is to take happiness from it when we have the chance. Skiing has given me joy.

What does it mean to be a young person in the ski industry today?

At a young 23 years old, I feel like a veteran after 6 years in the industry. But I feel like I’m part of the new generation of professional athletes where the digital wave has taken over. There’s no set path to being in the outdoor industry and we all wear many hats to be taken seriously. It’s not about how great of a skier you are anymore, it’s all about the body of work you create. Whether that’s in the form of competitions, social media, photography, ski movies, advertisements, writing, blog posts, marketing events, or athlete appearnce it’s all about what you are releasing for the world to see.

What does Let The Outside In mean to you?

Let The Outside In represents the environment that affects every decision I make. When I spend time in the outdoors, it forces me to focus on the present and the immediate risk. The process of stripped down, focused thinking allows me to see what is truly important and what it is that makes me happy. The more time I spend outside the more I bring this mentality wherever I go.