Shep Howatt

Ski and Rock Guide


Revelstoke, BC


Revelstoke, BC

Shep grew up as a competitive ski racer in Revelstoke, a community with a passionate focus on mountain adventure. His parents are both mountain enthusiasts, and he is currently aspiring to become an IFMGA Mountain Guide just like his father. Shep love climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering and ski mountaineering all over the world, but especially around his home in BC. He works as a ski guide in the winter and a rock guide in the summer.

What does living the mountain life mean to you?

Most of my life revolves around the Mountains. To me it means family, bringing friends together, working and passion.

What's one of the best decisions you've ever made?

One of the best decisions I've made was to stop my university degree and to pursue guiding.

Describe what your perfect day in the outdoors looks like.

A sunny spring day in April. Wake up and go back country skiing early in the morning to get the best corn snow. Have an awesome run down. Get to the car, grab my climbing gear and go to the crag! Of course doing this with my friends and family always makes it even better!

What's one reason you love working with Stio?

I love working with Stio for many reasons. One big reason is their sustainable practices. Stio strives to reduce impact on the earth. A big reason I ski tour guide is because of the low impact on the earth compared to Heli -skiing. I love the amount of time and effort Stio put in to their Stewardship and giving back to the community.

Do you have any goals or objectives for the coming year?

This summer, I have several goals. For sport climbing, to climb a 5.14a. In mountaineering to climb Howse Peak and several other mountains including some 1st ascents.

How do you create balance in your life?

My life is generally built around being in the mountains and outdoors. I make sure to make time for friends and family aside from the sports I do. It is always nice to occasionally take some time to get my mind off the project or objective I am trying to achieve.

What styles are you most excited about this season, and where will you be taking them?

The Alpiner hooded jacket comes with me EVERYWHERE... whether it's climbing, skiing, mountaineering, golfing, backyard fire it is built for it all. The hometown jacket will staying my bag for the cold camping nights and cold canyons I'll be climbing in. I also can't wait to try out the Ender Paclite Hooded jacket for mountaineering trips. In the winter, I will use the Objective Pro pants and jacket. It is so light, durable, its the perfect outer shell!

What does Let The Outside In mean to you?

Taking the time to appreciate how lucky we are to be able to enjoy activities in the mountains. When skinning up, hiking, climbing, summiting etc, to stop whatever you are doing and look around. See the beautiful natural landscapes around us and how special it is to be able to connect with nature in such an amazing way.