Shyanne Orvis

Fly-Fishing Guide and Athlete


Flint, MI


Carbondale, CO

Conventional was the name of the game in Shyanne's family, and when she discovered fly fishing, the passion consumed her. She dove head first into the sport and it was her own version of fishing then what she had known as a child. The excitement and thrill of pursing various species on fly was unmatched. In the midst of a challenging childhood, fishing is what kept her grounded and in a lot of ways was healing. It was the calm to the chaos. As a fly fishing guide in Colorado and mentor with local non-profit Fish For Change, it’s Shyanne's personal mission to inspire and encourage others to explore the outdoors, the sport of fly fishing and actively protect our resources.

Pump up song: Put Your Records On - Ritt Momney

Life Motto: Spread Positivity + Promote Sustainability

At Stio we believe balance is the key, how do you practice balance in your day to day life? 

Practicing balance for me looks like allowing myself to recharge when I need too. the balance between exploring and adventuring but recognizing when you need to step back to recharge & recover.

What inspiration do you find in the outdoors or what motivates you to get outside?

Being outside, whether hiking, fishing, snowboarding is the calm to the chaos. It's where I feel most alive, refreshed and when i'm my best self. It's my own version of meditation.

What does Let The Outside In mean to you?

Let The Outside In is a perfect reminder to me to let the elements of exploring nature consume me completely. That whenever i'm outside, doing the things I'm passionate about i'm completely present in that moment.

How can you inspire others to Let The Outside In?

Share your passion with others. Whether i'm on the river or on the mountain. Seeing someone else experience something new, is my greatest happiness.


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