Passage: Turning A Passion Into Purpose

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Photos by Adam Clark


As a New England native, Rob Aseltine was drawn to life in the Wasatch for the same reason as many East Coast transplants — so he could ski every day and live his dream.

With Salt Lake City as his home base and world class ski lines at his fingertips, Rob’s passion for snow turned into a professional ski career. While he spent winters on mountains, he spent summers traveling the coast and living out of his truck as a surf instructor. It was a life of freedom that many dream about, but it left him seeking a deeper sense of purpose. With a mission in mind, he used his experience in the ski industry to found his own content marketing business and set up shop at the base of the Wasatch with his wife and two dogs.

Stio: As an entrepreneur, pro skier, and married man, what do you do to create balance in your life?

Rob: Eat when I'm hungry. Exercise when I'm restless. Work when I'm anxious. Chill when I'm tired. I think listening to what your body tells you is more important than anyone else's advice, unless it's your wife.

Stio: What are a couple of ways in which being an entrepreneur and a professional skier are similar?

Rob: Dealing with setbacks. Skiing and running a business are two of the most inherently risky things I can think of. Having to perform and push through regardless of conditions, injury, and resources come with the nature of the work. You have to stay on your toes and be creative.

Passion before purpose. My most successful projects as both a skier and an entrepreneur happen when my heart leads. You have to find and create compelling ways to share experiences that mean something to you. The more the project means to you, the more specific you will hone in on its purpose, the better it will be received by others.

StioHow does storytelling influence your time spent outside as a skier and outdoor enthusiast?

Rob: I often find myself awake early on camp trips or missing out on a joke during meal prep because I'm off wandering or taking pictures of something that caught my eye. It's a funny balance because sometimes my friends might think I'm disconnected but then they are really stoked when I come back with a unique picture, a new trail to discover, or an idea for a future trip. I've learned that skiing and my passion for the outdoors is generally a quest for me to find something that I love and share it with others. My mom used to complain that I wandered off often but I see it as a gift and without it, I don't think I'd find my inspiration.

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