Stio Staffer #LetTheOutsideIn Challenge – November 2017

By Stio Mountain on

The Stio Staffer #LetTheOutsideIn challenge continues into April! In case you haven’t heard, this is a monthly social media contest in which our staff showcases the best of how they #LetTheOutsideIn. Each month we vote and select one lucky winner. Follow along here where we will be posting the top submissions and lucky winner each month.

Be sure to tag us @StioMountain and tell us how you #LetTheOutsideIn.

Top of Mescalito #lettheoutsidein

A post shared by Rachel Preuit (@rachelpreuit) on

The valley is looking pretty green! ‍♀️

A post shared by Maggie Edmunds (@medmunds5) on

And the winner is…. (drum roll please!)

it snowed so we skied and it was good.

A post shared by Brendan Levine (@brendanlevine) on

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