The Human Powered Road Trip

With Yellowstone National Park in Stio HQ's backyard, we saw an opportunity to tour America’s first national park by bike. So we gathered up some friends, a few cameras and a bunch of gear and set out for two days to tell a story from the seat of a bicycle.

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Sail The High Alpine
With dreams of sail-to-ski missions in the high alpine, Britt and Katrina purchase an old sail boat and quickly discover the adventure they sought would take more than a favorable breeze.
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Bike Maintenance Tips for Smooth Singletrack Rides
Summer Bike Maintenance with the Fitzy’s Crew After a long, gray winter here in the Tetons, it’s finally bike season! Afternoon thunderstorms have left the singletrack tacky, and the last of the valley snow has melted off our roads. But … Read More
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River Waves To Surf This Summer
Landlocked mountain towns aren’t always known for their water culture. But for those with the will to reimagine the possibilities for play on local waterways, a new world of opportunity opens up. Enter river surfing. When the snow melt hits …
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The Endless Wave // A Surfer’s Journey from Ocean Break to River Wave
Landlocked mountain towns aren’t always known for their water culture. But for San Diego native and Montana transplant Jack Christiansen, the waterways of the Rockies present the perfect opportunity to reimagine the sport he grew up learning to love: …
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A Quick & Dirty Guide to Central Montana’s Best Fishing
The rivers of Central Montana are unlike those found elsewhere in the state. Flowing from the mighty Rocky Mountains and several island mountain ranges, the waterways then meander downhill, eventually meeting the Great Plains in their gradual journey eastward. This … Read More
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