Manufacturing & Sourcing

Manufacturing & Sourcing

We have had a number of questions about our textile sourcing, where our products are made, and what our corporate standards are related to our manufacturing. Here are the answers. Please don’t hesitate to contact our product team for more information. They can be reached at bestpractices@stio.com

How Our Products Are Made

Stio® manufactures products in the USA, Canada and China. We currently utilize textiles sourced from the USA, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Portugal, China, Taiwan, and Korea. We work with partner textile mills such as Polartec®, schoeller® and Toray®, which are among the most sophisticated and advanced mills operating in the apparel business. We continually strive to source environmentally friendly textiles, and many of them are BlueSign® approved, contain natural fibers, and contain high levels of recycled content.

We believe in health and safety, a clean and safe work environment, human and employee rights, and workplaces free of intimidation or discrimination. We employ and work with manufacturing partners that adhere to high levels of environmental and social standards.

Our garments are designed and developed in Jackson, Wyoming. They are spec’d to high levels of quality for ultimate performance in outdoor environments and manufactured with trusted partners in the USA, Canada and China.

The Manufacturing Process

Many people have a belief that apparel companies build products in China simply because it is “cheap” to do so. Straight up, that is a myth - it isn’t cheap to build technical outdoor garments anywhere in the world – it is actually very expensive. China just happens to be the country that emerged to fill the void when the U.S. apparel manufacturing base began eroding in the 1980’s, and some of the most highly skilled and technical labor and machinery, along with some of the best business practices, now exist in China.

Where we construct each garment is dependent upon a wide variety of factors, including but not limited to where the textiles are fabricated, the technical construction expertise and equipment of the manufacturer, export/import logistics, etc.

Insuring Compliance With Our Standards

Our manufacturing partners are people who are our friends, that we know and trust, and have shared meals and time with outside of the workplace for almost two decades.

Regardless of our longstanding relationships with our manufacturing partners, we employ a detailed Stio® Vendor Standards and Compliance Manual that is updated frequently and that each of our manufacturing partners must review and sign annually. We conduct periodic scheduled and surprise audits of each factory we partner with. We personally visit each of our factories frequently, on average two – four times per year, as well as employ an experienced quality assurance and quality control firm to conduct spot checks and inspections of social and environmental conditions to insure compliance.