Spring 2019 The Backyard Field Guide

This spring, we’re bringing you stories that inspired us to rethink our routines. From our ambassadors, athletes, partners and staff comes a lineup of creative adventures to kickstart your spring dreams. Look for the stories to unfold this season and please share your backyard adventures with us at #lettheoutsidein

Chapter 1: The Return

Dave Sweet has spent over a decade helping to bring the Yellowstone Cutthroat trout back from the brink of extinction. With his daughter Diana, a fisheries biologist, he travels deep into Yellowstone to see if the trout have returned to their native spawning runs.

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Chapter 2: Run The Ridge

Stio ambassador Sam Schwartz sets out with friend and photographer Carson Meyer to take on a 20-mile run along the Bridger Range outside Bozeman, Montana. When a late-season snow storm made an unexpected arrival, things got that much more interesting. 

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Chapter 3: Human-Powered Road Trip

With Yellowstone National Park in Stio HQ's backyard, staffers set out to reimagine the traditional road trip and tour America's first national park by bike. Frequently traveled by RVs, bike touring through it revealed a rarely documented ride.

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Chapter 4: Trek The Crest

Snaking 40 miles through the heart of the Tetons, the Crest Trail is an iconic way to experience the changing terrain of the mountains. Makalya Crist + Friends took on an early-season mission to push through melting snow and make trail.

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Chapter 5: Sail The High Alpine

Mighty mountain glaciers carved deep into the valley floor eons ago, creating a string of high alpine lakes across the base of the Tetons. With light lasting long into the evening, post-work summer sails are the secret to capping off warm days at the office. 

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