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Rocko Menzyk

Skier, Photo Guy, Fun Seeker  Image
Hometown Seattle, Washington
Current Town Salt Lake City, Utah
Instagram @rockomenzyk

Rocko is an outdoor photographer who has been based in Utah for the last eight years, originally from the Pacific Northwest. He grew up active and outdoorsy in the Seattle area, and is living his best life focused on what brings him the most joy. He is extremely fortunate to have made a career out of his passion, while taking the utmost pride in his work and his clients. He specializes in the ski industry, but continues to expand his portfolio year after year, diving into anything that drives him.

Which of Stio's values personally align to you?

The main value of Stio that aligns with me is Innovation. As a photographer, the desire to separate myself from others is what drives me most. I constantly see imagery from other photographers around that I enjoy, but am always critiquing and analyzing how to shoot things differently. I constantly strive to stand out and have my own style in every job I do, or any day with my camera in hand.

How do you create balance in your daily life?

Balance begins with myself, and what makes me happiest in life. I am lucky to have a job I love, with the flexibility to unplug and spend time with friends or family on the regular. Another way I find balance is by avoiding day-to-day normalcy at times, doing something erratic, going somewhere new, or simply unwinding and remembering how grateful I am.

What is a bucket list activity you have yet to do or a place that you have yet to go?

Being a ski photographer there are so many places I dream of going to. The main one would have to be heli-skiing in Alaska, and I believe that day will come sooner than I expect it to.

What is your go-to workout music?

Anything disco, but watch out it'll get me going. The upbeat vibe just speaks to me when I'm in the outdoors and lifts my spirit. Even when I'm editing at home disco is a go-to, although sometimes I have to turn it off because I can't sit still enough.

What is a piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to pursue a life of mountain sports and adventures?

Don't hesitate. I debated and stressed if it would work out for me, then moved to pursue my outdoor lifestyle that I'm living now and everything fell into place. Everyone has their own path, and if the outdoor lifestyle is speaking to you, then go for it and don't look back.