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A soft, cotton bandana that fuses artistry and nature with the unique designs of our collaboration with KSX ART.

We proudly partnered with Bozeman-based artist Kellie Swanson of KSX ART to create one-of-a-kind pieces that embrace the wilderness and let nature's handiwork guide their style. Each print is created by hand using the power of the sun and local Montana botanicals, revealing the plants’ tiniest details and bearing the signature splatters and streaks of the artist as she produced each bandana, piece by piece.

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Handle With Care

These handmade items need special care and love—handle with the tenderness they deserve! By following a few simple tips, you can extend the life of your garment's vibrant print.

Handwash Sparingly

I recommend hand washing only. Turn your item inside out and do not use any soap or detergent containing phosphates, bleach, or sodium. Air dry or tumble alone on low heat. Do not dry in direct sunlight. Overwashing may cause the print to fade. If fading occurs over time, washing the print in a dilute bath of hydrogen peroxide can usually restore it to its original intensity.

Embrace The Change

Just like a good pair of vintage jeans, natural dye will change over time. Though the colors may shift and blend like a mesmerizing watercolor painting, it's a testament to the living essence of the dye. I encourage you to embrace the ever-changing shades it brings.

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Introducing a collab straight from the source. This new limited edition collection designed with KSX ART features Kellie Swanson's unique print process, using Montana’s flowers and botanicals, on 68 pieces of Stio apparel. Each item is hand-crafted with a custom print.

  • 100% Cotton
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