Ray J. Gadd

Content Marketing Manager at Visit Sun Valley, Professional Photographer

Hometown: Boise, ID / Current: Ketchum, ID


  • I continue to tick off an ever-expanding list of states, countries and territories I wish to visit.
  • I spent a chunk of my childhood living out of a van with my parents.
  • I’ve been struck by lightning, fortunately without injury thanks to the protection of a friend’s pickup.

Fun Fact

One time I caught a 10.5lb brown trout in New Zealand.

What does “Let The Outside In” mean to you?

We're meant to be outside, to take in the fresh air, to climb those damn mountains, to be in-tune with the outdoors. Embracing these notions keeps me sane, offers constant education, delivers an appreciation of what we have around us, and to me that’s ‘Letting The Outside In’.

Ray's Favorite Gear