Our Team

Our Team

Stio's Backbone

Stio is fortunate to have built an outstanding team of truly wonderful people with a wealth of experience. The folks below highlight an eclectic and unique cross section of the Jackson Hole community. In addition to our daily activities bringing you the Stio goods, we are just like you – Moms, Dads, coaches, board members, artists, environmentalists, educators, skiers, cyclists, runners, soccer players, surfers, yoga aficionados, CrossFitters, snowboarders, fly-fishers, paddle boarders and hockey junkies. We arrived in Jackson at different times and from different places but for the same reason – to live the outdoor life.

If you are interested in joining Stio please check out the careers section of this website for the latest job postings.

  • Andra Adamson

    Andra Adamson

    Retail Manager
  • Elizabeth Barrett

    Liz Barrett

    Senior Marketing Manager
  • Maggie Edmunds

    Maggie Edmunds

    Associate Marketing Manager
  • Courtney Cedarholm

    Courtney Cedarholm

    Associate Designer and Developer
  • Madison Gilmore

    Madison Gilmore

    Accounting Coordinator
  • Lucy Grove

    Lucy Grove

    Customer Service Representative
  • Jovanna Hart

    Jovanna Hart

    Ecommerce Manager
  • Danny Holland

    Danny Holland

  • Bridget Kitchen

    Bridget Kitchen

    Customer Service Representative
  • Brendan Levine

    Brendan Levine

    Senior Graphic Designer
  • Jenna Mahaffie

    Jenna Mahaffie

    Junior Graphic Designer
  • Maura Marshall

    Maura Marshall

  • Mike Morrison

    Mike Morrison

  • Rachel Preuit

    Rachel Preuit

    Junior Product Developer
  • Kelly Hill Shuptrine

    Kelly Hill Shuptrine

    VP Product
  • Maggie Smith

    Maggie Smith

    Merchandise Lead
  • Chris Steele

    Chris Steele

    Accounting Coordinator
  • Jeb Stuart

    Jeb Stuart

    Sales Manager
  • Steve Sullivan

    Steve Sullivan

    Founder / CEO
  • Payson Sword

    Payson Sword

    Customer Service Supervisor
  • Katie Taylor

    Katie Taylor

    Senior Product Manager
  • Kate Vranac

    Kate Vranac

    Merchandise Buyer
  • Noah Waterhouse

    Noah Waterhouse

  • Lou Lou Wheeler

    Lou Lou Wheeler

    Operations Coordinator