Stio Ambassadors:

They're athletes, architects, artists and writers. Moms, Dads, colleagues and mentors. They've made the outdoors an integral part of their lives — one that provides balance, empowers them in their careers and informs their convictions. Our Ambassador Program is unlike most others. While athletic performance plays a part, it's not the sole reason for being. We're looking for well-rounded people who share our values and strive to promote and protect the lifestyle so dear to us all. Stio Ambassadors are competitive product testers, adventure storytellers, and friends that put our products to use in epic and quiet moments every day.

  • Brad Ludden

    Brad Ludden

    Whitefish, MT
  • Christy Mahon

    Christy Mahon

    Aspen, CO
  • Jeffrey Parrish

    Jeffrey Parrish

    Denver, CO
  • Jay Pistono

    Jay Pistono

    Jackson Hole, WY
  • Resi Steigler

    Resi Stiegler

    Jackson Hole, WY
  • Katie Steinberg

    Katie Steinberg

    Jackson Hole, WY
  • Matt Stirn

    Matt Stirn

    Jackson Hole, WY
  • Don Watkins

    Don Watkins

    Jackson Hole, WY