Garry Schlag

Telemark skier and writer


Park City, Utah


Ancestral Ute Land (Leadville, CO)

Telemark skier, trail runner, mountain biker, writer. they/them, he/him. Garry is a multi-sport athlete and writer from the American Southwest. With roots in competitive moguls and big mountain skiing, their start list appearances have diversified to include ski joring, skimo, and endurance mountain biking and trail running. Living in Leadville and working as an educator and ski patroller has taught Garry valuable lessons in community-building, sense of place development, and the general ability to endure with grace and appreciation.

Garry uses they/them pronouns because it feels awesome and he/him because he still honors the beauty in his male experience. Garry love a good rock memoir and spend too much time crafting lengthy dream sets from the Grateful Dead extended universe, and they love their cat Gnome.

What's one of the best decisions you've ever made?

Beginning to ski without my training heels.

Describe what your perfect day in the outdoors looks like.

The perfect day is just me and all my friends floating through Bowknot bend creating memories together.

What's one reason you love working with Stio?

I appreciate meaningful symbolism. I have only spent a single span of daylight hours amongst the Tetons, and I look forward to returning to develop a closer relationship with the whitebark pine there that inspires Stio's logo.

Do you have any goals or objectives for the coming year?

Clean runs on the Colorado river and finish another 100-mile mountain bike race!

How do you create balance in your life?

The way I create balance in my life is to go on unlikely adventures and seek experiences polar to my comfort zone that hopefully keeps my worldview from becoming too myopic and self-righteous.

What styles are you most excited about this season, and where will you be taking them?

I'm psyched to do a little more ski touring in my Raymer pants, run Colorado river rapids in my CFS sun hoody, and ride many miles of trails in my Coburn XT shorts.

What does Let The Outside In mean to you?

To me, Let The Outside In draws into question this invisible barrier that we in colonial America tend to assume is between the “backcountry” and “frontcountry”. I believe this delineation should only be used to describe distance and duration away from definitive medical care and not to separate our “society” from “wilderness” (insert any other terms to convey dichotomy between humans and nature). The principles of ecology do not stop governing past trailheads or because we figured out concrete.

The most gorgeous idea I have encountered in this life is still Darwin’s theory of descent with modification about which countless species evolved according to their environment over the ages. Let The Outside In reminds me that I can always stand to appreciate that fact and let it inform my mental models more.

Any other stories, facts, insights or advice you want to share with people?

A quote from the late, great Toni Morrison: "At some point in life the world’s beauty becomes enough. You don’t need to photograph, paint, or even remember it. It is enough."