All Stio products are fully warranted to the original owner against manufacturers’ defects in materials & workmanship* for the practical lifetime of the product. Incidental damages from wear and tear** or misuse will unfortunately not be covered under warranty. Should you find a defect in your Stio product we are happy to help. Please fill out this form to get started and if there are any further questions please email the Warranty Team at warranty@stio.com.

If your warranty is approved, you will receive an electronic gift card equal to the amount you originally paid for the product to use on a replacement or other items at stio.com or in store. Unfortunately, due to varying stock levels and promotional offers, we cannot guarantee that the exact same item will be available at the same price when you decide to redeem your gift card, but we will always do our best to assist in finding a suitable replacement for you.

*Manufacturing and workmanship defects include: a malfunctioning zipper, snap failure, seam unraveling, seam tape failure and / or stitching coming undone.

**Examples of wear and tear damages include burn marks, excessive fabric wear or abrasion, and tears from sharp objects.