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Doing the right thing is the framework for our operational foundation. Through our business practices we are committing to driving positive change for people and the planet.

Annual Stewardship Report

“In sharing the appeal of the mountain life with all, we feel the responsibility of protecting it. In 2022, we continued our commitment in reducing and completely offsetting our carbon footprint through our partnership with Climate Neutral and Bluesource.
We increased the number of styles brought into our preferred materials program by over 50% including upgrading our best-selling Environ program to 100% recycled polyester.
Furthermore, the brand was able to expand its circular commerce program, Stio Second Turn, with over 2,000 units redirected into the program to date.”
Stephen Sullivan – Founder/CEO
Read The 2022 Annual Stewardship Report
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Preferred Materials

At Stio, we are committed to building garments that are durable, timeless and continue to perform season after season. We carefully consider the impact of our material choices as we strive to deliver the best. After all, the most sustainable products are those that we keep in our closets and out of the landfill.

Last year, we moved our flagship Environ program to recycled polyester, updated our Women’s Hometown Down program to recycled nylon, and launched our new Whitebark program in organic cotton. Our total number of styles featuring preferred materials increased from 82 to 125. While we adopted more preferred materials into our style count in 2022, the overall ratio of preferred materials to non-preferred materials by weight (industry standard for reporting) actually decreased compared to 2021, as shown in the graphs below. This unexpected trend helps highlight that the path to sustainability is not always linear. We remain committed to the journey and will continue to be transparent as we work to reach our ultimate goal of 75% preferred materials usage by 2025.

100% Climate Neutral Certified

In a perfect world, we would all be able to get the goods and services we love with zero impact on the planet. However, as our global economy becomes more interconnected, it puts a strain on our natural resources, putting the environments we love at risk. In our commitment to being good stewards of the mountain life and protecting the places we play, we are proud to announce that for the second year in a row we have completely offset our carbon footprint. We plan to reduce and offset our footprint in all future years to come.
In an effort to take responsibility for the footprint of our business, we partnered with Climate Neutral to measure our carbon emissions and commit to taking steps to reduce our impact on the planet. This means we are intentional about the materials we choose, the shipping decisions we make and our packaging. For the impact that we can’t reduce, we offset it by investing in renewable energy projects in wind and solar across the planet.

Stio Second Turn™

We believe in the long-term goal of building a virtuous commerce cycle where products are maintained, cleaned, repaired and reused for as long as possible, before a final deconstruction to component ingredients for repurpose into other products. Stio Second TurnTM is still in its infancy, but we’re seeing progress towards that goal. This past year, we redirected more than 2,000 units into this program, and we’ve increased our revenue associated with the program more than eightfold.

We’re proud to partner with two leading firms in this work—Tersus, our cleaning and repairs partner, and Geartrade, our “extended product life” partner for products that may have previously ended up in a landfill. These firms share a similar perspective on the outdoor industry and the role it can play in reshaping our supply chains and product lifecycles for the better.
Learn more about Stio Second Turn™

Outside Is For Everyone

We think that outside is the best side and that you can’t improve on nature. It’s good for mind, body and soul, and it’s our responsibility to help enable access for all people, regardless of race, gender, beliefs, background or ability. We strive for inclusion at Stio, as well as locally and nationally. We believe change starts in our own community first, which is why we have partnered with Coombs Outdoors, a non-profit in our home of Jackson, Wyoming that provides outdoor recreational programming to children of families who do not have access to the same opportunities as their peers. Through our partnership we will provide apparel for 250 participants and strengthen our community through mentoring, internship programs and storytelling.