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Best Mountain Biking Clothing

Best Mountain Biking Clothing

Mountain biking is an exciting outdoor activity that requires proper preparation, including the right clothing. Choosing the correct biking apparel is crucial to ensure the best experience possible. Without the appropriate gear, biking can become uncomfortable, dangerous and less enjoyable. In this article, we will outline some of the best mountain biking clothing items, selection criteria, apparel brands to consider and how to choose the right gear for every ride.

Why Choosing the Right Mountain Biking Apparel Matters

Investing in the right biking apparel is essential for an enjoyable and safe ride. The right gear not only enhances your performance but also ensures comfort and protection. From knee pads to mountain bike jerseys, every component plays a crucial role in making your journey worthwhile.

Performance Enhancement

If you're an avid mountain biker, you know how important performance is during a ride. Wearing proper bike clothing increases your efficiency and allows you to ride smoothly. High-quality mountain bike apparel brands focus on designing clothing that not only looks good but also improves your performance. For instance, a well-fitted mountain bike jersey with mesh panels aids in efficient moisture-wicking and ventilation, keeping you cool and allowing you to fide further.

Increased Comfort

When it comes to mountain biking, comfort is key. High-quality outdoor apparel, such as waterproof jackets and pants, ensures that you feel comfortable in any weather condition. Wearing the right bike clothing not only keeps you dry but also helps with efficient temperature regulation. A mountain bike helmet with comfortable cushioning and adjustable straps makes a difference on long rides.

Optimal Protection

Risk of injury is a common concern for mountain bikers. Investing in the right mountain bike gear, such as knee pads and neck braces, offers optimal protection during extreme rides. Durable biking apparel also helps in reducing the impact of falls or crashes. Some mountain bike clothing brands offer hybrid jackets with integrated protection features, like elbow pads and shoulder guards, that provide enhanced safety on rough terrains.

MTB Clothing Selection Criteria

Selecting the right biking apparel may seem overwhelming due to the variety of options available in the market. Keep in mind material, fit and comfort, climatic conditions and weather resistance to ensure you make the right choice.


The material of your clothing plays a significant role in your overall comfort and performance. Most high-quality mountain bike jerseys use moisture-wicking and quick-drying materials. Fast-drying materials prevent you from feeling damp and cold during long rides. Additionally, mesh panels on mountain bike jerseys and hats facilitate better airflow, keeping you cool during tough climbs.

Fit and Comfort

Choosing the right fit for your biking apparel is as important as selecting the best material. Mountain bike clothing brands offer various fits for mountain bikers, depending on their measurements and preferences. A loose-fitted mountain bike jersey allows for better mobility and accommodates elbow pads and other protective gear, while a snug fit ensures minimal flapping during fast descents.

Maintaining comfort during rides is critical, so investing in well-fitted bike shoes can prevent discomfort and chafing during long technical rides. Helmets should also be carefully selected, ensuring proper fitting and, most importantly, adequate protection.

Climatic Conditions and Weather Resistance

Mountain bikers often ride in varied weather, so it's essential to select clothes that hold up in variable conditions. Waterproof jackets and waterproof pants are indispensable for wet winter rides, while lightweight mountain bike jerseys or T-shirts are ideal for hot summer days.

Additionally, mountain bike clothing brands have developed innovative technology to offer better weather resistance, such as durable water repellent (DWR) coating and thermal insulation. When selecting your clothing, consider the climatic conditions you'll be riding in and the level of weather resistance needed.

Essential Mountain Biking Clothing Items

Bikers need proper gear to ensure safety and comfort on the trails. There are several bike apparel items that are essential for every level of rider.


Protecting your head while biking is of the utmost importance. Face helmets and neck braces are essential, as they provide maximum protection during intense rides. Some bike helmet options even have built-in faceguards, offering full coverage to keep your head safe from injury. And make sure your helmet has enough ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable on your ride.

Stio Jerseys and Jackets

Bike jerseys are specifically designed for mountain biking with features like mesh panels for enhanced temperature regulation and pockets to store essentials like energy bars, keys and cell phones. Stio jerseys are a popular choice among bikers, thanks to their breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics and stylish designs.

For unpredictable weather conditions or cold rides, a hybrid jacket or waterproof jacket is an excellent choice. A hybrid jacket typically combines a waterproof shell with a breathable, insulated lining, offering both warmth and protection from the elements. Stio offers a range of hybrid and waterproof jackets that are perfect for outdoor adventures.

Stio Shorts and Pants

Comfortable and durable bike shorts are vital for long rides. Stio offers a selection of mountain bike shorts that feature reinforced stitching, adjustable waistbands and a variety of pockets for storage. Many Stio shorts also have waterproof and abrasion-resistant materials to provide added protection and durability on the trails.

For those who prefer riding in cold or wet conditions, waterproof trousers, like those from Stio, can help keep riders warm and dry during their adventures. These trousers are designed with waterproof and breathable materials to ensure comfort even on the muddiest trails.


Investing in a quality pair of biking gloves is a must for off-road enthusiasts. Not only do gloves provide protection from scrapes, blisters and thorns, but they also offer added grip on the handlebars and help to absorb vibrations from the bumpy terrain. There are numerous biking gloves available, many even featuring touch-screen compatible fingertips for added convenience.

Eyewear and Goggles

Mountain biking can expose riders to a variety of elements, from dust and debris to wind and rain. Quality eyewear and goggles are essential for protecting your eyes and ensuring clear vision on your rides. Look for polarized lenses for reduced glare and UV protection to shield against harmful rays.

Mountain Bike Apparel Brands to Consider


Stio is a leading mountain bike apparel brand that offers a wide range of stylish and high-quality MTB clothing and gear for both men and women. With lightweight and durable materials designed for any climate and riding conditions, Stio ensures that everyone has a great range of choices to suit their biking needs.

Our products include MTB jerseys, shorts, pants, waterproof jackets, socks and many other essential bike gear. Our commitment to creating high-quality and durable products makes us an excellent brand for mountain bikers of all skill levels looking to invest in top-performing clothing and gear.

Browse our men's and women's biking attire and gear collections.

Choosing the Right Gear for Every Ride

Having the right gear for your ride can make a major difference. A key aspect of this is choosing the appropriate clothing and gear for the type of ride you will be embarking on. Here, we will discuss the various types of mountain bike jerseys, helmets, knee pads, shoes and other essentials for every type of ride.

Casual Weekend Adventures

For casual bike outings, comfort and style are of utmost importance. Start with a breathable, lightweight bike jersey that provides adequate moisture-wicking capabilities. Many mountain bike apparel brands feature mesh in their jerseys to enhance breathability and airflow. Casual mountain bikers also benefit from mountain bike shorts, as they offer a comfortable fit while allowing for unrestricted movement.

A quality mountain bike helmet is another essential for bike enthusiasts. Look for one that offers proper ventilation, adjustability and overall comfort. Biking shoes play a critical role as well, providing grip and stability when navigating tricky terrain. Opt for a lightweight, comfortable pair with rugged soles designed specifically for mountain biking.

Long Distance Endurance Rides

For those who enjoy long distance endurance rides, investing in gear that protects against the elements and ensures comfort is crucial. A waterproof jacket and waterproof trousers should be part of your arsenal for such rides. Look for garments with breathable materials like GORE-TEX, which will help to keep you dry without compromising comfort and mobility.

Endurance riders will also want to invest in high-quality bike shorts, complete with cushioning and moisture-wicking material that provides long-lasting comfort on long rides. Consider a pair with multiple pockets for storing necessary items like snacks, tools or a spare tube. Add a well-ventilated mountain bike helmet, supportive bike shoes and a hydration pack to your mountain bike clothing collection for optimum efficiency and safety throughout your endurance adventures.

Aggressive Trail Riding

For those who enjoy pushing the limits on challenging, technical trails, selecting bike gear with a focus on protection and durability is a must. Upgrade your mountain bike jersey and shorts to ones featuring reinforced materials, abrasion resistance and additional protective padding. Look for bike apparel designed specifically for aggressive trail riding, as these offer the appropriate protective features.

A sturdy pair of biking shoes is equally important for aggressive trail riding. Look for models with added toe and heel protection, as well as ample support for pedaling and navigating rocky terrain. Additionally, a hybrid jacket combining waterproof and breathable materials can be a great addition to your bike clothing lineup, ensuring you’re prepared for a range of weather conditions.

FAQs About Mountain Biking Clothing

What gear should beginner mountain bikers invest in first?

Beginner mountain bikers should prioritize a comfortable, breathable mountain bike jersey, sturdy mountain bike shoes, well-ventilated helmet and padded shorts as their first investments in biking apparel. Additionally, consider investing in a hydration pack and basic tool kit to ensure you're prepared for minor mechanical issues during your rides.

Can I wear cotton clothing for mountain biking?

Cotton clothing is generally not recommended for mountain biking because it absorbs sweat and moisture, making you feel wet and uncomfortable. This can increase your risk of chafing, blisters and hypothermia. Instead, choose moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabrics such as polyester, nylon or merino wool. These materials pull sweat away from your skin and evaporate it quickly, keeping you dry and comfortable.

How can I find the right cycling apparel for my riding style?

The best way to find the right bike apparel for your specific needs is to determine the type of riding you plan to do most often and focus on gear designed specifically for that purpose. Online research and visiting local bike shops can be helpful in discovering the ideal items for your needs.

How do I maintain and clean my biking clothes?

Proper maintenance and cleaning can prolong the life of your bike apparel and ensure their effectiveness. Read and follow the care instructions that come with your clothing, and avoid using fabric softeners, chlorine bleach or high-heat dryers. Hand washing or using a gentle cycle and mild detergent is recommended. Hang or lay flat to dry, and store your clothes in a cool, dry and dark place. Inspect your clothing regularly for any signs of wear and tear or damage.

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