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Mountain Biking Essential Gear

Mountain Biking Essential Gear

Mountain biking is a thrilling adventure for those who love exploring the outdoors and pushing their limits. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out, having the right gear is essential to a safe and enjoyable experience. Let's take a look at what you need to tackle your next ride.

Essential Mountain Biking Gear

There are a few essential pieces of gear that every mountain biker should have before they hit the trails.


A helmet is the most crucial piece of gear that any mountain biker needs. It protects your head from serious injury, falling debris or inclement weather. Look for a helmet that's lightweight and has plenty of ventilation to keep you cool during long rides.


Mountain biking gloves provide essential protection for your hands. In addition to protecting your hands from scrapes and cuts, they offer a comfortable grip on the handlebars. Look for gloves with a durable surface on the palm to provide a better grip, as well as padding or gel inserts to absorb shock from the handlebars.

Glasses / Goggles

When mountain biking, it's essential to keep your eyes protected from the sweat, dust and debris that you may encounter on the trails. It's also crucial to reduce the glare from the sun, making it easier to navigate through different light conditions. Glasses or goggles can offer this kind of protection and improve your vision, especially in changing weather situations. Mountain biking glasses should fit comfortably on your nose and ears, have enough coverage to prevent dust from getting into your eyes and provide an unobstructed view of your surroundings.

Apparel for Mountain Biking

All mountain bikers need to invest in high-quality apparel to improve their experience while on the bike. Here's what you need:

Jerseys / Shirts

Mountain biking jerseys offer several benefits over standard t-shirts. A good mountain biking jersey should be made from a moisture-wicking material that can quickly move sweat away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable on hot and humid days. A good jersey should also provide additional features that make your rides as comfortable as possible, like zippered pockets for storing essentials.

Stio has a range of options for biking shirts, like our men's team bike jersey that's designed to provide ample stretch, breathability and full-zip versatility for warm-weather road and cross-country rides. Browse our bike shirt collection to see all we offer.

Shorts / Pants

Mountain biking shorts or pants are an essential piece of apparel for any mountain biker. Like jerseys, a good pair of cycling shorts or pants should be moisture-wicking, ensuring you stay dry on your rides. They should also be durable enough to resist snags, rips and tears that may occur while shredding the trails. And, they should be comfortable so you can sit easily on your bike saddle while trail riding.

Stio's women's team biking shorts, for example, ensure reliable performance and comfort with moisture-wicking and lightweight fabric so you stay comfortable during long rides.


Mountain biking shoes are an essential piece of gear that significantly enhance your riding experience. Biking shoes must be durable enough to withstand the rough terrain and comfortable enough to keep your feet snugly fit. They should have an outsole that provides excellent grip, allowing you to quickly adjust your position on the pedal and put down maximum power.

Accessories for Mountain Biking

Now let's explore some essential accessories to make your ride as safe and comfortable as possible.

Hydration System

One of the most important things to consider when going on a long ride is how you will stay hydrated. A hydration system is a backpack or waist pack that contains a water reservoir and a hose with a bite valve that allows you to drink from the reservoir while riding. This is much more convenient than carrying a water bottle, as it allows you to drink without having to stop riding or take your hands off the handlebars.

There are many different types of hydration systems available, ranging from small waist packs to large backpacks. Some even come with additional storage compartments for things like snacks, tools and extra clothing.


Another essential accessory for any mountain biker is a multi-tool. A multi-tool is a compact and portable tool that contains various tools used for making quick repairs on the trail. Common tools that are included in a multi-tool include screwdrivers, hex wrenches and tire levers. Having a multi-tool with you on the trail can make all the difference when accidents happen.

Pump / CO2 Inflator

Another essential accessory for any mountain biker is a pump or CO2 inflator. This is especially important if you are going on a long ride where there may not be any bike shops nearby. A pump or CO2 inflator allows you to inflate your tires quickly and easily, ensuring you have the proper tire pressure for the terrain you are riding on.

Bike Components and Maintenance

As a cyclist, it is essential to take care of your bike components to ensure its longevity and efficient operation. Regular maintenance is essential to keep the gears shifting smoothly and the brakes stopping promptly.

Tires / Wheels

Tires and wheels are among the most vital components of a bike. The first step towards keeping your bike tires in excellent condition is to select the right type of tire for your riding needs. Depending on the terrain, road or trail surface, pick a tire that provides the necessary traction while ensuring durability.

You also need to ensure proper inflation. Tires lose air gradually and riding on an underinflated tire not only reduces your speed but is dangerous. Check your tire pressure regularly and inflate it if necessary. Also, inspect your tires regularly for excessive cuts and worn-out treads. Replace tires that are past their prime, and always carry a flat kit or small inflation device in case.

Brakes / Suspension

Your bike's braking system is vital to your safety, and it is crucial to ensure it is operating optimally. Check your brake system regularly, including the brake pads, cables and housing. Replace worn-out pads and cables and ensure the brake system is well lubricated. Suspension systems are essential, especially if you are a mountain biker. Keep your suspension system well-maintained to ensure optimal ride comfort and control.

Repair Kit

Every cyclist should carry a repair kit to handle emergency repairs while out on the road. Essential tools in a bike repair kit include a multi-tool with hex wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers and chain tools. Other items to include are spare tubes, tire irons and a pump. An emergency repair kit can prevent a minor problem from escalating into a more significant issue, and it can also prevent you from being stranded with no help.

Shop Mountain Bike Essentials from Stio

If you're looking for reliable mountain biking gear to keep you comfortable on the trail, look to Stio. Stio's products are designed for mountain life and built with versatility, comfort, durability and style. From women's biking gear to biking backpacks and hip packs, let us supply you with what you need to be your best on the trail.

FAQs: Mountain Biking Gear Essentials

1. What kind of shoes should I wear for mountain biking?

Mountain biking requires specific shoes that provide a good grip and enough support. There are three main types of mountain biking shoes – clipless, flat pedal and platform. Clipless shoes connect to your pedals through a cleat, providing more efficient pedaling and greater control. Flat pedal shoes have a sticky rubber sole that sticks to the pedal. Platform shoes are like flat pedal shoes but with a larger and sturdier platform. Choose one that suits your riding style and comfort.

2. Do I need a helmet for mountain biking?

A helmet is the most important safety gear for mountain biking. It protects your head from potential crashes and injuries. Choose a helmet that fits your head snugly and has good ventilation.

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