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A First Mother's Day

Ambassador and retired Olympic cross-country skier Sophie Hamilton reflects on her first Mother's Day.

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Sophie grew up in the very tiny town of Peru, Vermont and learned to cross country ski at about the same time she learned to walk. She has traveled the globe cross-country ski racing at the highest level—but this year Sophie started on one of the “hardest and most wonderful things” she’s ever experienced with the birth of her daughter, Lilly.

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What does your first Mother's Day mean to you?

Becoming a mom is one of the hardest and most wonderful things I’ve experienced. My heart feels like it’s doubled in size.

Mother’s Day has always been a little bittersweet because I lost my mom to cancer a few years ago. But I always try to reminisce about the wonderful memories I have of her, and obviously this year with the birth of my daughter I have another reason to celebrate.

My daughter Lilly is named after my mom, so on Mother’s Day I’m grateful for both Lilly’s I’ve had in my life!

What does your ideal Mother's Day look like?
My perfect Mother’s Day would be spending the day with Lilly—and maybe getting out for a bike ride with my husband Simi to share the love, because it also happens to be his birthday this year :wink:

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What advice do you want to give your daughter or new moms on living a life outside that’s full of adventure?

It’s been really important to me to make time to do outdoor activities as a family. Sometimes the logistics of getting out the door almost make it seem like it's not worth it, but it always is. Whether it's going for a walk, tromping through the woods on nordic skis or touring some mellow backcountry with Lilly and Simi, it feels so good to know we can still do the things we love together.

Adventures might look a little different, but I’ve never regretted bringing Lil along for the ride when we can. We’re just beginning to scratch the surface of exposing her to the adventures we love.

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