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Stio Stories 2019: A Year In Review

By Stio Mountain on
 Stio Stories 2019. From Epic to Every Day Mountain Town Pursuits. Outerwear and Mountain Lifestyle

2019: From the return of native cutthroat trout in Yellowstone, to running 93 miles around Mt. Rainier, to an all women's ski and sail expedition in Norway, it was an inspiring year of stories from the mountain life. Take the journey with us, across the country and around the world, as we revisit our favorite stories of 2019.

The Return: Dave Sweet has spent over a decade helping to bring back the Yellowstone Cutthroat from the brink of extinction. Along with his daughter, Diana, a fisheries biologist, he will travel into the infamous Thorofare area of Yellowstone, the most remote wilderness in the lower 48, to see if his efforts have been successful and if the trout has returned to its native spawning runs.

Stone's Throw: Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Stone's Throw is a film about proximity and the doors of possibility that are opened by living in a city next to the mountains.

Fat Tires, Clear Mind: It's easy to get stuck in the perpetual grind of a daily routine, but for Ann Driggers, the times commuting to and from work are sacred moments. She calls her commute therapy on wheels. She savors this time as an opportunity to connect with nature, experience solace, and stay active with friends.

Running The Distance: The Wonderland Trail is a 93 mile circumnavigation of Mount Rainier with over 22,000 vertical feet. For Stio Ambassador, Christy Mahon, the idea of running the trail was an adventure she had to check off her list.

Searching For Singletrack: Inspired to explore the backroads of America, Eric and Donna loaded their mountain bikes, packed the car and put the Colorado Rockies in the rear view.

A Life Of Medicine In The Mountains: Whether skiing lines or saving spines, Dr. Ken is a mountain town professional who has dedicated his life to the ski-bum lifestyle while owning and operating the Alta Medical Clinic.

Latitude: In May 2018, four ladies left the routine rhythms of their everyday lives to live on a 50ft sailboat for a 10-day ski, sail and mountaineering expedition to explore the far reaching fjords between the northern islands of Svalbard, Norway.

Sail The High Alpine: With dreams of sail-to-ski missions in the high alpine, Britt and Katrina purchase an old sail boat and quickly discover the adventure they sought would take more than a favorable breeze.

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