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Pinecone, Acorn—Or Urban Legend?

Film By Kirk Horton

We’re lifting the veil on the deeper meaning behind our logo’s whitebark pinecone, with help from our friends at the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation. Our quest took us from the streets of Jackson to the ski slopes of Whitefish, Montana—telling the story of a humble seed that holds an entire mountain ecosystem together.

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The Inspiration Behind Our Logo
In the harsh, high elevations of the Tetons and other ranges across the West grows an unlikely symbol of nature’s persistence and balance: the whitebark pine. Humble and hardy, it thrives where few other trees survive, providing people and wildlife with irreplaceable shelter and sustenance. Inspired by this simple, functional beauty, we adopted the whitebark pinecone as the symbol of our brand and incorporate that ethos into every garment we make. Now endangered due to the effects of climate change, we’re doing our part to protect it through this collaboration, ensuring our logo continues to honor a living tree, rather than memorialize a species we’ve lost.

In honor of the simple, functional beauty of the whitebark pine that inspired our logo, 5% of sales from this limited-edition collection will go to protect this now-endagered species through the good work of our partners at the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation.

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