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The Stio Home Team: Joy In Being Outside

By Stio Mountain on
 The Stio Home Team: Joy In Being Outside

When we met this summer Stio Home Team, we knew they loved being outside as much as we do—but we had no idea how powerfully their stories would drive us to seek bigger goals and deeper connections.

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Kelsey Wellington

She/Her | Jackson, Wyoming | Wildlife Guide

“The outdoors is my entire community. Whether it’s an intense day or a mellow day, I love inviting others to participate.”

DD Goodson

He/Him | Denver, Colorado | Private Strength Coach
“Whether I’m learning or teaching, I can build. Build new friendships, build confidence in that place, but most importantly build a stronger connection to the outdoors.”

Kristen Kupperman
Alaska | Educator, Adventure Parent
“You don’t need to do something epic every time you get outside—just getting outside is enough!”

Asha Shoffner

She/Her | Saint Paul, Minnesota | Educator, Advocate
“I share the outdoors with others in hopes of inspiring someone else to get outside in a way that is meaningful, accessible, sustainable and empowering for them.”

Laraine Martin

She/Her | Steamboat Springs, Colorado | Outdoor Industry Nonprofit Management
“People become their best selves in the outdoors, and that breaks down walls between us."

Allen Crater

He/Him | Jenison, Michigan | Writer, Advertiser
“As a father, one of my biggest goals is to raise children who have a passion for both enjoying and protecting wild places. As they’ve grown, I’ve witnessed their reverence for wild places and the environment come to fruition.”

Jennelle Whipple

She/Her | Traverse City, Michigan | Ultrarunner, Business Owner

“Some the strongest connections in my life have been made from the shared passion of the outdoors.”

Rebecca Barney

She/Her | Malden, Massachusetts | Thermal and Fluids Engineer
“Being outdoors has helped me build a community who loves to adventure in the outdoors, but who’s also conscious of our actions as humans and our impact on the world.”

Check out more Stio Home Team members below and follow their adventures on instagram with the hashtag #stiohometeam

Aaron Theisen
He/Him | Washington |Adventure Storyteller

Abby Stanislaw
She/Her | Santa Fe, New Mexico | Physical Therapist

Geneva Mayall
She/Her | Bend, Oregon | Advocate, Educator

Jess Malone
She/Her | Alaska | Physical Therapist, Adventurer

Lexi Van der Linden
She/Her | Dillon, Colorado | Retail Assistant Manager, Outdoor Athlete

Alex Garcia
She/Her | Bellevue, Washington | Outdoor Industry Professional

Charlotte Miller
She/Her | Harpswell, Maine | Athlete

Sean Horner
He/Him | Santa Fe, New Mexico | Physical Therapist, Athlete

Carolyn Highland
She/Her | Truckee, California | Writer, Teacher, Athlete

Madi McKinstry
She/Her | Bozeman, Montana | River Guide, Athlete

MaryKate Swenarton
She/Her | Anchorage, Alaska | Biologist

Rebecca Chow
She/Her | Santa Fe, Mexico | Engineer

Otto Solberg
He/Him | Salt Lake City, Utah | Content Creator, Athlete

Rachel Johnson
She/Her | Jackson, Wyoming | Painter & Photographer

Shannon Austin
He/Him | Ogden, Utah | Outdoor Industry Professional

Tyler Sawyer
He/Him | Park City, Utah | Videographer, Athlete

Maddie Jo Robbins
She/Her | Durango, Colorado | Bike Racer, EMT

Kevin Callahan
He/Him | Dillon, Colorado | Photographer, Athlete

Jack Egan
He/Him | Portland, Oregon | Outdoor Industry Professional

Emily Selonick
She/Her | Bozeman, Montana | Nursing Student

Angela Staup
She/Her | McCall, Idaho | Outdoor Enthusiast

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