Embracing The Changing Pace with Christy Mahon

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Based in Aspen, Colorado, Christy Mahon is always on the go. She was the first woman to ski all 54 of Colorado’s 14,000 foot peaks and is the only woman to ski the 100 highest peaks in Colorado, a feat that earned her a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year nomination in 2016. Currently she's working to ski Colorado's Bicentennials (the second 100 highest peaks in the state). Last month she traveled to Morocco with the goal of skiing its highest peak. Given our shift to spending more time at home, it can be hard to stay motivated, but it's a perfect time to stay fit and plan for the next adventure.

We caught up with Christy last week to see what she's doing outside of work to keep busy.

Words by Christy Mahon

As hard as this is, it is also really nice to have some extra space to do the things that we never have time for. I'm loving the time for creativity, catching up and creating new goals.

I am giving myself permission to rest and take time for myself, time to replenish. I'm focused on staying strong (physically and mentally) and creating new goals. 


    • I'm trying to get 8 hours of sleep every night
    • Meditating - I use the free app, Insight Timer. Sam Harris of 'Waking Up' is also offering free subscriptions if you need
    • Trying new recipes all packed with fresh vegetables 


    • Started a 30-day ab challenge
    • Yoga - finally time to stretch like I should. My local studio, Aspen Shakti has started a Youtube channel
    • Strength training - I've found awesome free classes on Amazon Prime Video


    • I can't go to Europe anymore, but now we have time for a ski mountaineering trip into our favorite Colorado wilderness
    • Ski 20 new peaks this spring. Focus on skiing the Bicentennial peaks and other local peaks I haven't skied yet
    • Get ready for that summer 50-mile race (regardless if it happens or not)


    • Sew - something I never have time for
    • Plan my garden - plot out the garden and order starts for the spring
    • Read - catch up on the New Yorker + read two books a month (2020 goal was one book a month)
Stay positive and look for the bright lights right now! We're all in this together, just keep going.



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