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The Best Kit for Skiing in a Storm
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Our Favorite Lightweight Puffy Jackets for Women
You’d expect an anorak-style puffy to be as boxy and bulky as a quilt. But the Pinion’s great achievement is its tailored look. Vertical princess seams on the sides create an hourglass shape. Opening the snaps on the split hem creates more room for broader hips. And the abbreviated zipper makes this feel more like a sweatshirt than the technical jacket it is.

The 800-fill goose down kept me warm on calm, 40-degree nights in camp, and the Pertex Quantum shell fabric, which is light, soft, and made to hold insulation, blocks light winds. It’s also silky to the touch, which makes this a comfy travel pillow once you stuff the jacket into its own kangaroo pouch.
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Four Classy Skier Shirts
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Pack Like A Pro: Peak Goals And Gear Chat With Avid Mountain Athlete Christy Mahon
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The Best Long Underwear for Men, According to Men Who Would Know
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These Are the Best 
Women's Ski Bibs
Stio is my favorite brand for women’s ski pants, thanks to an impeccable fit that feels designed by athletic women, for athletic women, rather than a repurposed men’s model. I get compliments on the fit all the time.

The Environ Bib has a low-profile mini bib that fits and looks more like pants with suspenders, which is a plus for women who’d rather not go for the full overalls look. Made of a three-layer Dermizax waterproof shell, they’re bomber in wet weather. Even on super stormy days, they don’t wet out, and they dry rapidly once the weather stops. 

They’re wind-resistant and keep you warm with just a baselayer underneath even when the temperature drops well below the comfort zone. A reinforced cuff keeps you from slicing your pants with your ski edges, and thoughtfully placed zipper pockets (three of ’em) provide ample storage. They’re internally stitched, if you’re inclined to keep your beacon in your pants pocket. Zippers on either side of the pants make peeing and costume changes easy, and provide ample ventilation for the uphill. 

These pants will do you proud on the uphill or downhill.
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