The Ski Shell Quiver Killer: Stio’s Raymer Jacket

By Amira Burns on

On a sunny day on Vail Mountain this season, the temperature started to rise and it was easy for me to reach the armpit zips and pull them open myself. I also had to take off my buff and I stashed it the deep-bellowed chest pocket. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I was out during an unseasonably cold November day and the helmet-compatible hood with bonded brim helped me stay protected from wind and snow. It’s easy to tell this jacket was designed by mountain athletes, as all the details are dialed in just right.

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These insulated baselayers are stuffed with 40 grams of Primaloft Gold Active insulation, which does a fantastic job of keeping your rear-end warm on frozen chairlifts without turning your bibs into a steam room as you rip turns back to the bottom. The capris length hits right below the knees and fits seamlessly with ski boots, and the lightweight design packs down really well so you can toss them in your backpack if you’re feeling indecisive about your temperature. They do have one zippered leg pocket but to be honest I’ve never put anything in it since it’s a pretty tough place to reach if you’re wearing ski pants.

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