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Gloves vs Mittens - Which is Better When Skiing?

Gloves vs Mittens - Which is Better When Skiing?

When it comes to skiing, choosing the right hand protection is crucial for comfort and performance on the slopes. But should you go for gloves or mittens?

In this article, we explore the differences between gloves and mittens, factors to consider when choosing and a performance and comfort comparison between the two. We also provide tips on maintaining your gloves or mittens for optimal performance. Whether you're a seasoned skier or just starting out, this guide will help you make an informed decision.

Understanding the Difference Between Gloves and Mittens

Ski gloves and ski mittens may appear to serve the same purpose - to keep your hands warm during your snow sports adventures. But, if you look closer, you'll find they have distinct features and benefits. Understanding these differences can help you decide which hand protection tool best suits your needs on the cold air-filled mountainsides.

What are Gloves?

Winter gloves are designed with individual compartments for each finger. This design provides more flexibility, making gloves handy for activities that require precise motion, such as zipping up your outer shell or operating your smartphone with touchscreen compatibility. Some models even come with built-in hand warmers for extra warmth.

What are Mittens?

Unlike gloves, mittens have a single compartment that houses all your fingers, providing higher temperature versatility. This design promotes heat retention as your fingers generate heat which is then shared across the hand. Ski mittens specifically are ideal for colder weather conditions and less technical activities.

Pros and Cons of Gloves

The biggest advantage of wearing gloves is that they offer mobility. The independent finger access encourages dexterity, making it easy to perform intricate tasks. However, because of this design, gloves may offer less warmth than mittens as the individual fingers are exposed to the cold air.

Pros and Cons of Mittens

Mittens are the champions of warmth. Thanks to their design, they trap more heat, keeping your hands significantly warmer. On the other hand, mittens might be less versatile concerning manual dexterity and may not offer as much breathability as gloves.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Gloves or Mittens for Skiing

Weather Conditions

If you commonly ski in cold weather climates, you might be better off with mittens. Their ability to retain heat for longer periods can keep your hands cozy and protected. For milder climates where the cold is not as harsh, gloves might suffice.

Five Finger Dexterity

If your snow sports require high manual dexterity—for example, if you need to adjust equipment frequently or use touchscreen devices—gloves are definitely your best choice.

Insulation and Warmth

Ski gloves often come with a bonus feature—glove liners. Liners not only add an extra layer of warmth but also improve the fit. On the other hand, hand warmers, which can be inserted into the compartment of a mitten, offer an additional level of warmth.

Mobility and Grip

Gloves tend to offer a better grip than mittens, given their anatomical design. However, some mittens are designed with added features such as textured palms or fingers to improve grip. So cross-check your mobility and grip needs with the available features.

Breathability and Moisture Management

You want your mittens or gloves to keep you warm but not sweaty. Good breathability and moisture management properties, found more commonly in gloves, help keep your hands dry and comfortable. However, mittens or gloves made from high-quality materials can also provide these features.

Now that we've covered a range of relevant aspects for gloves vs mittens skiing, let's compare comfort and performance of this gear.

Gloves vs Mittens: Performance and Comfort Comparison

When choosing between ski gloves versus mittens for snow sports, many factors contribute to the decision. Let's dive deeper and explore both options for optimal hand protection and temperature versatility.

Performance of Gloves

Ski gloves have five separate chambers, one for each finger. The segmentation provides dexterity-- an essential performance factor, particularly for skiing. For snowboard specific gloves, the added dexterity allows for on-the-go binding adjustments, buckling boots and zipping up your outer shell.

Most ski gloves have an incorporated liner and a waterproof, breathable outer shell. They also display features such as wrist cords, hand warmers pockets and touchscreen compatibility. Winter gloves with Gore-Tex membranes offer superior performance by providing waterproofing while allowing for perspiration to escape, preventing sweaty palms.

Comfort of Gloves

In terms of comfort, ski gloves tend to snug well against the wrist, protecting against snow, wind and cold air. With padding and insulation distributed evenly across the hand, fingers remain individually wrapped and cozy. However, some users might find gloves less warm due to separate finger compartments.

Performance of Mittens

On the other hand, mittens place all fingers in a single compartment, contributing to their extraordinary warmth. Skiers requiring less dexterity may prefer mittens for their hand protection. Snowboarders, especially, often choose mittens for their warmth characteristics.

Comfort of Mittens

Mittens can be surprisingly comfortable, too. Since all fingers rest in one compartment, body heat accumulates and boosts the warmth level, offering a distinct advantage in overwhelmingly cold weather.

Comparison of Performance and Comfort Factors

So, when considering gloves vs mittens for skiing, factor in your specific needs. Gloves provide superior dexterity, but mittens offer unparalleled warmth. If uncertain, consider using glove liners with mittens for added versatility. They offer the dexterity of a glove yet the convenience of removing the outer layer when less warmth is needed.

Maintaining Your Gloves or Mittens for Optimal Performance

Regardless of which gear you buy, it's essential to properly care for it to get the best value. Here are care guidelines to keep in mind.

Cleaning and Washing

Whether it's your winter gloves or mittens, make sure you follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions carefully. Often cleaning only requires wiping down the outer shell with a damp cloth. In many cases, washing is unnecessary and can harm the glove's materials, impacting their performance.

Storage and Drying

After a long day carving the slopes, do you just stuff your wet gloves or mittens in a bag or a pocket? Resist this urge. Instead, allow them to air dry at room temperature. Good storage and drying habits can extend your gear's life, ensuring their readiness for the next snow sport adventure.

Inspection and Repairs

Regularly inspect your gloves or mittens for any damage or wear and tear. Small annoyances, like a loose thread or a tiny tear, can become significant issues if ignored. Don't let minor problems steal your warmth and comfort on the slopes.

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Is mittens or gloves better for skiing?

When it comes to skiing, both mittens and gloves have their advantages. Mittens tend to provide better warmth as they keep all fingers together and share each other's warmth. They also have a larger internal space which allows for better insulation.

On the other hand, gloves offer more dexterity, enabling better grip on poles and easier handling of equipment. They also provide individual finger movement, making it easier to adjust gears or use touchscreen devices. Ultimately, the choice between mittens and gloves for skiing comes down to preference and the needs of the skier.

Do mittens work for skiing?

Yes, mittens work well for skiing. They provide better warmth and insulation than gloves because the fingers are kept together, allowing for natural warmth generation. Mittens also tend to have more space inside, allowing for better circulation of air and sweat absorption. They provide excellent dexterity and grip, which is essential when skiing. Additionally, many mittens are specifically designed for skiing, offering waterproof and windproof materials to keep your hands dry and protected from the elements.

Can you use normal gloves for skiing?

While it is possible to use normal gloves for skiing, it is generally not recommended. Normal gloves are often not designed to withstand the cold, wet conditions that skiers frequently encounter.

Skiing gloves are specially designed to provide insulation, waterproofing and breathability. They often have additional features such as reinforced palms, adjustable wrist straps and wrist leashes to prevent them from being lost. Therefore, investing in a pair of skiing gloves is generally a better option for optimal comfort and protection on the slopes.

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