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The Best Way to Clean Smelly Ski Gloves

The Best Way to Clean Smelly Ski Gloves

If you're an avid skier, you know that one of the downsides of hitting the slopes is dealing with smelly ski gloves. The combination of sweat, moisture and bacteria can leave your gloves with an unpleasant odor. But fear not, because, in this article, we will provide you with the best practices for cleaning smelly ski gloves.

Why Do Ski Gloves Smell, and How to Clean Them?

Have you ever taken off your ski gloves after a day on the slopes and found yourself assaulted by an unpleasant stench? The reason your ski gloves have developed a smell can be traced back to a few key culprits.

Sweat and Bacteria Buildup

When actively skiing or snowboarding, your hands sweat inside your gloves. This sweat is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which, over time, can create quite a stink. And the more you wear your gloves, the more bacteria will accumulate.

Moisture from Snow and Wet Conditions

Naturally, your gloves will get wet if you're playing in the snow. Remaining moisture in your gloves, even from lukewarm water or snow, can also contribute to the smell.

Improper Storage and Drying

Storing your gloves properly and allowing them to dry completely between uses is essential. The moisture buildup could cause mildew growth and unpleasant odor if you don't.

Best Practices for Cleaning Smelly Ski Gloves

Now that you understand why your ski gloves smell, you're probably wondering how to clean smelly ski gloves. Here are a few best practices.

Regularly Air Out Your Gloves

One of the simplest ways to keep your gloves smelling fresh is by airing them out after each use. This addresses the cause of the smell at the source by allowing sweat and moisture to evaporate, reducing bacteria.

Use an Odor Neutralizing Spray

An odor-neutralizing spray can go a long way in keeping your ski gloves smelling fresh. Simply spray the inside of your gloves and allow them to air dry.

Hand Wash Your Gloves

Most ski gloves aren't machine washable, but you can keep them clean by hand. To wash ski gloves, fill a sink or basin with lukewarm water and a small amount of free detergent or baking soda. Submerge your gloves in the solution and gently scrub the insides. Once clean, thoroughly wring out the gloves and allow them to air dry.

Step-by-Step Guide to Hand-Washing Ski Gloves

Whether you have high-end waterproof ski gloves or are new to winter sports and are caring for your first pair, washing them properly is important. Here's a guide to hand-washing your ski gloves.

Gather the Necessary Materials

First things first, gather the materials you will need. These include a bowl of lukewarm water, a gentle free detergent and baking soda. If available, you may also want a toothbrush for spot cleaning. Remember, do not use any product without verifying its ingredients are safe to handle.

TIP: Baking soda and fragrance-free detergent are safe ways to eliminate unwanted scents because they are natural odor eliminators.

Pre-Treat any Stains

Got a stubborn stain? Pre-treatment would be a great first step. Mix a bit of your detergent with baking soda to make a paste. Apply the paste on the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, gently brush the stain with your toothbrush. Always ensure you're not scrubbing too hard so the material doesn't get damaged.

Hand Wash Your Gloves

Now it's time to wash ski gloves. Submerge your gloves in the water, thoroughly wetting the surface. Gently agitate the gloves in the water to encourage the detergent to penetrate the material.

Remember! Never use hot water, as it might affect the durable water repellent of your ski gloves.

Drying and Storing Clean Ski Gloves

Now that your gloves are washed, here's how to dry and store them properly.

Air-Drying Your Gloves

When done washing, rinse your gloves thoroughly under fresh lukewarm water until all the soap is out. After this, squeeze out any excess water, being careful not to wring the gloves as it could damage their structure. Then, lay them in a safe spot (not near direct heat) where they can dry.

Do Not Use Direct Heat to Dry

One common mistake is drying ski gloves beside a heater or a fireplace. Direct heat breaks down the glove materials, making them less effective and shortening their lifespan. While most gloves won't be able to be machine dried at all, some varieties can be used on a tumble dry cycle. Check with the manufacturer for specific guidelines.

Properly Store Your Gloves

Once your gloves are completely dry, store them properly to maintain their condition. They should be kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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How do you fix stinky ski gloves?

To fix stinky ski gloves, start by washing them thoroughly. Check the care instructions to determine if they can be machine washed or if hand washing is recommended. Use a mild detergent and warm water to clean the gloves, making sure to scrub the insides as well. Rinse them thoroughly to remove any leftover soap residue. After washing, squeeze out any excess water and allow them to air dry.

Avoid direct heat sources like radiators or dryers, as these can damage the gloves. If the smell persists, try placing the gloves in a plastic bag with a few baking soda sachets or coffee grounds for a day or two, as these absorb odors. Alternatively, you can use a fabric freshener or odor-neutralizing spray designed for sports equipment to help eliminate any lingering smells.

Can you put ski gloves in the washing machine?

It is generally not recommended to put ski gloves in the washing machine. Most ski gloves are constructed with delicate materials and special coatings that the agitation and harsh detergents of a washing machine can damage. Instead, hand-washing them using mild soap and lukewarm water is advised. Gently scrubbing the gloves and rinsing thoroughly can help remove dirt and odors. After washing, it is essential to air dry the gloves to maintain their shape and prevent any potential damage from heat sources.

How do you get the smell out of leather ski gloves?

You can follow a few simple steps to remove the smell from leather ski gloves. Start by mixing equal parts vinegar and water in a bowl. Dampen a clean cloth with the mixture and gently wipe the interior of the gloves, paying close attention to the areas that have absorbed the odors. Make sure not to saturate the leather, as it can damage it. Next, sprinkle baking soda inside the gloves and leave them overnight. The following day, carefully shake out the baking soda from the gloves. Finally, allow the gloves to air dry in a well-ventilated area.

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