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Pursuit of the Mountain Life: Fat Tires, Clear Mind

By Stirling Cobb on
 Ann Driggers Rides her fat bike on the trails in Colorado

'Fat Tires, Clear Mind' is a film featuring Stio Ambassador, Ann Driggers in Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado. It was produced by Michael CB Stevens in association with Why Cycles.

It's easy to get stuck in the perpetual grind of a daily routine, but for Ann Driggers, the times commuting to and from work are sacred moments.

When asked about her work life balance, Ann said, "I am lucky to live and work in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado, which is a very outdoor-oriented place with many opportunities for recreation. Post-work rides in the summer and dawn patrol skins in the winter are great ways to maintain that work-life balance and I make sure to plan them into my schedule as much as I can. On those days that the office requires the majority of my time, I still try to carve out a half hour to walk down to the river or through the woods to help maintain my sanity! When I am outside, I make sure I am present in the moment and put aside the rest so I can truly focus on the rejuvenating aspects of nature."

Ann's Fat Biking Gear

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