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On the Global Stage

By Stio Mountain on
 On the Global Stage

We sat down with our key ambassadors to chat about the biggest upcoming competition that is on all of our minds. The commitment and perseverance of these Stio ambassadors is, put simply, mind blowing. They inspire us to pursue our own goals, no matter their size. Keep reading to learn a little more about Paula Moltzan, Breezy Johnson and Benjamin Alexander.

Paula Moltzan | Pro Skier Debuting On The World Stage

Achieving a lifelong dream is only the beginning for ambassador Paula Moltzan. And after her debut? Paula wants to continue on the path to better herself in all aspects of life.

Checking in, we are a few weeks away before the big day - how are you feeling?

I am extremely excited but still slightly nervous all at the same time. There are a lot of unknowns with China, and I am going to try my best and treat like a big adventure! At the end of the day it is another ski race where you are competing against the best in the world and I am going to put my best skiing out there and see where I end up.

At Stio we believe that balance is key - how do you prepare mentally and physically before a big race?

For me I try to keep race day as similar to a training day as best I can. I stick to the same routine using the same on hill warm up to ensure I can compete at the highest level. Mentally I try to keep the day as light and easy and remember to always have fun.

What is your race day good luck charm?

I don’t have a specific good luck charm, but you can guarantee that I will have a Skida neckie on. If it is a BIG day, it will most likely be my strawberry one!

What do you want to accomplish next in your ski career?

I think as a professional athlete you are always in the pursuit of being better, a better athlete, a better friend, and a better person. I would like to continue on the same path trying to better myself in all aspects of life.

Can you describe your perfect day outside for us?

Depends on the season but in the winter if I can get out for some free skiing or a tour adventure with friends that is a pretty great day.

Breezy Johnson | Multi-Year World Cup Competitor

Ambassador Breezy Johnson had her eye on the prize and with recent events, her world turned upside down. But this doesn't stop Breezy's focus and determination for future goals. We are sending our support and well-wishes for a speedy recovery to Breezy.

You just made one of the hardest decisions you had to make, how are you doing?

I'm feeling pretty crushed but it comes in waves. I was so excited before the crash. But now just feeling very numb about it all. Trying to move on and get back to work though because every setback just makes me that much hungrier to return faster than ever.

With the road to recovery ahead, how are you planning on keeping balance within your routine? How are you preparing for recovery?

Balance is key. I think rehabbing is a lot of about finding ways to do as much as you can in the right direction. You can do too much and go backwards too. So you need to be smart. Sometimes working hard is lifting weights. But sometimes it's also sitting on the couch icing. It's all about balance.

Motivation when you're injured is always hard. I've been thinking about how I will motivate myself for a few days now. What gets you out of the bed and to the gym? I found that new outfits really helped me motivate myself to get going. I'm already thinking about what cute thing I'll wear on my first day of rehab after surgery.

What's next?

I am already thinking about the next Olympics. Oddly my journey is starting in the same place it will end. Cortina. Cortina is where this Olympic journey ended. But it's also the site of the 2026 Olympics. So hopefully I can have my full circle moment in four years.

For now I just want to be strong and get back to racing again. I know I can work really hard so I just need to put in the time and focus on being fast and healthy next season.

Can you describe your perfect day outside for us?

My perfect outdoor day is race day. I love getting out in the snow, seeing a beautiful sunrise. Then having some super fun warm ups and an amazing race feeling. Then a short champagne party and head back for lunch. Maybe a short afternoon jog to decompress and go through it all. Then a workout to prep for the next day!

Any other words, insight, advice you would like to share?

Words I am trying to live by right now are that sometimes courage is the small voice saying 'I will try again tomorrow.' Keep going keep believing and remember that you are a champion because of what you do along the path, not because of what happens at the destination of that path.

Benjamin Alexander | First Ever Jamaican Alpine Ski Racer

Benjamin Alexander had the odds stacked against him. Only learning how to ski five years ago, Benjamin never had the childhood dream of ski racing. Now he sets the example and opens the door to future generations to come.

You are the first Jamaican Alpine Ski Racer - how are you feeling?

My overarching feeling is one of relief, it was a crazy pretty project maybe even more crazy by the pandemic. 17 months of last 24, I've been excluded from and competing by virtue of canceled events and closed boarders. To get training done in nick of time is a huge feeling of relief. I am optimistic and looking forward to the future of the Jamaican Ski Team and the island and what can be done for the sport.

We believe that balance is key - how do you prepare mentally and physically before a big race?

Ski racing is incredibly physical. So for me to balance it mentally, I study and research the game of backgammon. I find it being the perfect counterpoint from being so physical during the daytime. Being so physically lethargic but incredibly mentally activated and stimulated and to really understand the theories and tough concept of the game...I don't know, I think I've thrown 1000 hours into backgammon in the last year and a half - maybe more.

What is the one thing you always do for every competition, what is your good luck charm?

I don't really believe in luck per se, I believe we make our own luck. There are certain routines I try to stick to such as putting certain things in certain pockets. It helps to remove the variables, the unknown, the things that change, so I am quite millicent and anal about that but no routines or certain things that needs to happen before each race or training session, no good luck charms.

What do you want to accomplish next in your ski career?

My ski career is all about inspiring the next generation. Someone who started at the age of 32 has no chance of competing with the other athletes starting at the age of 2. By virtue of my qualification I have already seen so many incredible messages of inspiration and support.

I am really excited to help that next generation, especially of those Jamaican origins and decent and I have already identified the next 5 athletes who will represent Jamaica in the 2026 winter games. I am really excited to give them my knowledge and experience and the network of people I've made through this mission to give them an easier run at things.

Can you describe your perfect day outside for us?

My perfect day outside would be an incredible day of touring where you get there about an hour before sunrise. You have this beautiful sunrise as your movie as you climb up and then you get that one perfect lap, that one run of a lifetime - probably something fun like Mount Taylor in the Tetons.

Any other words, insight, advice you would like to share?

Giving up in the space of adversity is always the easy thing to do and nothing was ever achieved by those who did. When it feels tough and it feels like it's not going to work and it feels like the weight of the world is on you - just keep plowing forward. Often amazing things come out the other side.

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