Out West: A Film About Courage and Community

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With equal parts hustle and humility, Stio Ambassador Stephen Shelesky has established himself as one of the outdoor industry’s most promising up and coming photographers. But his story hasn’t always been polished and perfect.

For a long time, photography helped Stephen Shelesky deny who he was. It was a distraction and an outlet for an internal struggle around his sexuality. This all changed when he found himself in Jackson, Wyoming.

Out West is a film about Stephen's journey to find the courage, confidence and community needed to embrace his sexuality and express his true self.

"It seemed unlikely, but in this place I found a community that let me be myself."

-Stephen Shelesky

Photos By Sofia Jaramillo

Learn more about Stephen in his Ambassador Spotlight

Photos by Stephen Shelesky

Dive into more of Stephen's Photo Portfolio 


Film Credits:

Directed by Susie Theis

Produced by Sofia Jaramillo and Stephen Shelesky

Filmed by Susie Theis and Sofia Jaramillo

Edited by Jack Hessler

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