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The Mountain Life Difference

By Stio Mountain on
 The Mountain Life Difference

In mountain towns the winter season emerges with a certain feel. Storms are hitting, snow is stacking up and we make more time for what matters most to us. We orient our lives around family, friends and mountains in a way that reinforces a more natural worldview and reshuffles our outlook. Life itself shifts as we hit our natural mountain strides, appreciating the intrinsic value of escape from the grind into states and places that lift our souls.

This year, more than ever, we’re craving both that connection and that charge. The world has been a complicated whirlwind, but our hills, our ranges and our communities still fuel us with the same power. They reinforce what is most meaningful with a clarity of vision and of reflection. They call to us, especially this time of year.

So will you sit this one out, or are you coming with us?

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