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The Best Way To Press Pause Is To Go Play

Words by Garrett Gerchar | Film by Sam Armanino

For Pro cyclist and Stio ambassador Garrett Gerchar, the act of pedaling and the freedom they feel on a bike helps them stay grounded and disconnected from the trials and tribulations of daily life.

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Where do you go and what do you do to be able to disconnect from the daily?

To disconnect from the daily I simply get on my bike, which can look many different ways. Typically that’s hitting a trail and getting lost in nature but sometimes it’s as simple as deciding to ride my bike to the grocery store over driving. The act of pedaling and the freedom I feel on a bike helps me stay grounded and disconnects me from the trials and tribulations of daily life.

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Why is Denver, Colorado your home base?

I grew up in Boulder, CO where outdoor access from my door was immense and easy but recently moved to Denver, CO and it had opened so many doors for exploration. While it doesn’t have the same access from my front door as Boulder it has allowed me access to many outdoor places I may not have explored if not for the access living in the city has offered me. With its proximity to the entire front range I find living in Denver to be optimal for getting out and exploring more of my home state's backyard than ever before!  

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How does biking connect with your close community and home?

Biking has been part of my life since I was very little, it’s something I did with my parents and still do. I find getting out for a ride with anyone is a great way to connect and make friends as it also allows for discussion and conversation that other activities may not lend themselves too. I’m always looking to share my love for cycling with others either by just getting out on a ride or lending a bike to those who want to try it out. The bike connects me to all those who ride since we share a passion for bicycles but beyond that it connects me to my home as a way to be in nature and explore places I otherwise couldn’t get to. All in all the bicycle and the community surrounding it has supported me so much I simply want to try and continue to share that with as many folks as I can.

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