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Ashley Epis

Freerider, Backcountry Split Mountaineer, Vanlifer Without a YouTube  Image
Hometown Chico, CA
Current Town Probably some parking lot or forest road somewhere!
Instagram @mtnsnowmad

Ashley is a backcountry splitboard mountaineer & freerider who feels most at home deep in the mountains at the top of a steep, tight and technical line. When she’s not making hop turns above exposure, you can usually find her on some sort of outdoor adventure with her dog Griz, usually touring, climbing, biking or doing yoga. As an athletic trainer and nutrition coach, she loves helping others work to reach their full potential and is happy to nerd out about food and nutrition or exercise science any time.

Which of Stio's values personally align to you?

We Are Caretakers - Anyone who loves the outdoors should be going above and beyond to protect the spaces they enjoy living and recreating in. The choices we make all have an impact, both individually and collectively, and I have always tried to do my part to live and recreate as eco-consciously and sustainably as possible and encourage others to do so as well.

Outside Is For Everyone - How many times have we all felt awkward or uncomfortable when first breaking into a new space in outdoor recreation? It’s overwhelming learning about a new thing, let alone wondering if you “belong” there, but the outdoors are meant to be shared and there is space for everyone. Inclusion is essential!

How do you create balance in your daily life?

Oh man… finding balance is hard. My sister once shared a quote with me that said, “If someone looked at your calendar, what would they believe your priorities are?” Too often we get caught up in putting things we claim really matter to us on the backburner, whether it’s work, play, family or time to ourselves. It’s hard to have it all really figured out, and there are never enough hours in a day, but I always try to remember that quote and be honest with myself about whether the things I’m filling my days with are truly what matters to me, things I truly need to get done, and will benefit my health and well-being. Reminding myself to be present through all of that definitely helps with the process.

What is a bucket list activity you have yet to do or a place that you have yet to go?

I’m aiming to tick off splitboarding the Grand Teton in the next season or two. Someday, I have a pipe dream of completing a splitboarding ascent/descent of K2.

What is your go-to workout music?

UFO - Mallrat

What is a piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to pursue a life of mountain sports and adventures?

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and ask for advice, help, or to just make a new connection. Breaking into these spaces can seem unapproachable if we treat it that way, but I promise more people are willing to be welcoming than you’d think. Putting yourself out there can earn you a rad friend for life. And on the flip side, be that person for other people too… we were all new to this once!